Roberto Alomar Deserves A Public Apology!!!

I have always had a problem with how the media handles celebrities and their personal lives.  The most risque and taboo stories make the front page of national newspapers, headlines on all of the leading news and entertainment websites, and are often the lead story on both the news and entertainment news shows.

This was the case when Roberto Alomar was being sued by a former girlfriend as she claimed that Robbie gave her AIDS.  All sports media outlets had a field day with this story, and the name Roberto Alomar became relevant for the first time since his professional baseball playing days.  The New York Daily News, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, and even our beloved Wax Heaven all jumped at the opportunity to take this story and splash it as their headlines.  I have to imagine that for these few days in mid-February that life must have been hell for Roberto Alomar and his family and close friends.

But now the lawsuit has been settled, yet nobody is announcing this news with the same fire and energy as they were when the lawsuit was first announced.  Since the suit was settled, you have to imagine that the accuser’s case was not strong and the only way to convince someone to settle out of a case like this is to prove that Alomar does not have AIDS.  I mean why else would you drop the case?  If you knew you were lying about this, and the one thing(a positive test) was the only way to prove you’re lying, than that appears to be what has happened here.

This news will not be found on any headlines across the national media publications I have mentioned prior.  ESPN will not lead their show with this story.  Not Sports Illustrated.  Not Fox Sports.  Nobody is attacking this story the way that they attacked Alomar when this AIDS story broke. 

I remember a similar situation happening to Michael Irvin when he was with the Cowboys.  He was accused of being involved with drugs at a party and later when he was found not guilty he too was upset that the media did not attack the dismissal of his case in the same way they did when he was originally accused.  And he’s 100% right!!!

It appears that Alomar’s drama is now over.  One has to wonder if the damage is already done though.  His reputation will carry around this baggage for years to come.  And the people that once thought of Robbie Alomar the superstar baseball player first, may have second, third, and fourth thoughts about him now…

Sorry Roberto.

2 responses to “Roberto Alomar Deserves A Public Apology!!!

  1. Even with all the controversy around him during his career, I always liked Robbie Alomar. Something inside me didn’t believe (or want to believe) all the recent drama either. So I’m glad it’s settled and hopefully his life can get back to normal.

  2. in our world of “guilty before proven innocent” . . . it is a very difficult process for Alomar and others who are splashed guilty through the mili-second avenues of the internet only to later be silently exonerated. A cruel world we live in indeed . . .

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