Daily Archives: May 11, 2009


 Finally the book has arrived and I am eager to jump in and check it out.  I am about halfway through the book I am reading now, and then I am going to go straight to ‘Straw: Finding My Way’. 

I’ll be sure to share a few of the stories along the way.  Stay tuned!!

Here’s my book, and the great autograph of one of the biggest stars from the 1980’s – Mr. Darryl Strawberry!!! 




Randy Johnson’s Countdown To 300 Wins

Sitting at 297 career wins, Randy Johnson goes for #298 tonight.  I thought it would be fun to track this chase for the next few weeks as Johnson works to become a member of major league baseball’s elite ‘300-Wins Club’.

Tonight, the Giants play host to the Washington Nationals.  Stay tuned to see whether Johnson gets #298!!!  Good Luck Randy!!!

Happy Anniversary Al Leiter!!!

On this day in 1996, All Leiter threw a no-hitter for the Florida Marlins!!!

I happened to have been at this game, and it is by far the single greatest sporting event I have ever seen live in person.  This game easily trumps being at the World Series, The NBA Conference Finals, and any other baseball, basketball, or wrestling event I have ever been to.

I thought it would be fun to go back and review that original post I wrote a few months back when I told you about ‘The Greatest Baseball Game I Have Ever Been To’.  And then being a bit of a risk taker, I sent the ticket stub from that game along with a baseball card and sent them to Al Leiter in hopes of getting him to sign them for me.  That went pretty well too

Thanks again Mr. Leiter.  And Happy Anniversary!!!