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The ‘Maybin-Meter’ Marches Onward!!!

Just like Cameron Maybin, the ‘Maybin-Meter’ will march on.

This past Sunday, the 10th of may, Cameron Maybin was sent down to AAA-New Orleans by the Marlins.  The move was expected as Maybin started in just 2 of the previous 5 games for the team.  He will now have the opportunity to work on his hitting while getting daily playing time – a truly valuable advantage.

So stay tuned as ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ will follow Cameron Maybin’s journey in New Orleans as he works his way back to a starting job with the Florida Marlins.

Good Luck Cameron, we’re pulling for you!!!

Jamie Moyer Autograph TTM Success!!!

I sent these baseball cards to Jamie Moyer during Spring Training.  And in just 72 days he has returned 2 great autographs to me!!!

As you know, Moyer is a member of the 2008 World Series champion Philadelphia Phillies.  But, there was no way in hell I was going to send him a few Phillies cards – my Florida Marlins loving heart would not allow it!!!

Moyer began his career as a Chicago Cubs player and that is how I will remember him.  When writing him, I told him that I have enjoyed watching his career grow since his debut with my Cubbies and also told him how he frequently breaks my heart when he dominates the Marlins.

2 great auto’s – Thanks Mr. Moyer!!! 


Did You Know…

Johnny Mize is the only player in history to have at least 50 home runs and fewer than 50 strikeouts in the same season.  He had 51 homers and 42 strikeouts for the 1947 New York Giants.

** factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’

What I personally love about this interesting fact is that although today’s baseball stars are undoubtedly better athletes, they cannot compare to some of the amazing feats accomplished by their predecessors.  With players like Adam Dunn, Prince Fielder, and Ryan Howard crushing home runs of this same level annually, they are not on the same page when it comes to overall batting ability!!

Happy Anniversary Ernie Banks!!!

On this day in 1970, Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks crushed his 500th career home run!!!

Ranking at #21 on the All-time home run list with 521 career round-trippers, Banks’ ranking continues to drop as more players overtake his career achievement of 521.  It’s quite possible that Banks will drop 2 to 3 more spots over the course of the next 2 seasons, but one thing is for sure – ERNIE BANKS’ STATUS WILL NEVER FADE AMONGST CUBS FANS!!!

Banks personifies what Cubbie Baseball is all about, and he is without a doubt the most popular baseball player to ever call Wrigley Field home.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Banks!!  We Still Love You!!!!