Daily Archives: May 13, 2009

Is This What A MLB Paycheck Looks Like??

I received this check a few weeks ago.  A Spring Training game that I was attending was canceled due to the rain, and this refund covers my cost for parking and 1 General Admission ticket.

This does have me wondering:  Is this what a payroll check from a Major League Baseball team looks like?  I mean, I know that there are a lot more zero’s on a player’s check than this one, but I kind of like having this.  It would be cool to know if this indeed is the same kind of check that Cal Ripken, Jr., Eddie Murray, Brooks Robinson, Jim Palmer, and many other Orioles greats cashed during their time with the team.

Hopefully I can find this information out.  Until then, this will remain a nice souvenir as I don’t have the heart to cash it out just yet… 


Another Mystery Box Goes Out The Door!!!!

Yep, 1 more mystery box has left my house bound to bring back a great baseball souvenir.

As always, I’ll be sure to share the contents as soon as it arrives back safely to my home!!!


Vintage Commercial Featuring Andre Dawson, Harry Caray, and Skip Caray

An ‘old-school’ featuring some legendary men from the great game we love.  Nice suit, Hawk!!!  HOLY COW!!!!