Happy Birthday John Smoltz!!!

John Smoltz turns 42 years old today!!!

One of the most versatile and team-oriented players to play the game in the last 20 years, John Smoltz is a rare breed.  A player that is willing to accept any role that the team wants him to perform in, Smoltz personified what the ‘Team-First’ mentality is all about.

Smoltz has 210 career wins alongside 154 saves.  Had he not spent 4 seasons in the bullpen during his days with the Atlanta Braves, Smoltz could have been in line to win 300 career games.  Instead, he did what was asked of him and saved an incredible 154 games in 4 years for the ‘Bravos’.

Today, Smoltz is rehabbing after coming off of surgery on his pitching arm.  He’s playing for the Boston Red Sox now and has a great opportunity to return to post-season play.  For his birthday I want him to have 1 more shot – 1 more shot at a World Series title.  And if my wish is granted, he will be on the pitching mound when the deciding out is made as he ends his career on top – which is where he has ranked for the last 20 seasons.

Happy Birthday Smoltzy!!! 

One response to “Happy Birthday John Smoltz!!!

  1. He’ll make the Hall of Fame. He deserves it.

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