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Andre Dawson Certified Autograph #1

I recently scored 7 Andre Dawson certified autographs off of Ebay for less than $30 delivered.  This is card #1 of the 7.

This card is a 2006 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts issue.  The card is numbered 73/99 and is part of the Memorable Moments set.  Judging by the look on Dawson’s face in the picture on this card, it looks like he may have connected for one of his 438 career home runs with this swing. 

The Blue Sharpie that Andre used when signing this card really pops out as the feature – and it should since he has one of the nicest signatures in baseball!!!

Dawson Cert 1

Did You Know….

In 1990, Oakland relief ace Dennis Eckersley had 48 saves and allowed only 45 base runners.

*factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’

My take – If more of today’s top relief pitchers were able to perform at this level, I would certainly value the role of the ‘closer’ quite a bit more.  Until then, I will say that the relievers of the 1980’s were better than the group in today’s game.  And I would go further to say that in baseball in the 2000’s it is much more valuable to have a solid middle reliever than a solid closer on your team.