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Randy Johnson’s Countdown To 300 Wins – Part 3

Tonight ‘The Big Unit’ goes for #299 again.  This will be his second attempt at #299 as he tries to get one step closer to the legend-making number of #300.  When he takes the mound tonight he will be facing the Seattle Mariners during MLB’s ‘Inter-League Weekend’. 

It’s kind of fitting that Johnson tries to inch one step closer to immortality in a ballpark that he called home for 10 seasons. 

Go Get ‘Em Randy!!!

New Feature Coming To ’30-Year Old Cardboard – ‘Now That’s A Book I’d Read’

As you have seen of late, I enjoy reading.  I’ll read almost anything but lately my focus has been our beloved past-time.  I am mid-way through a 600-page book called ‘Grand Slam Baseball’.  And I have 1 more book in my queue waiting for me.

I have read some great biographies, autobiographies, and accounts of baseball history.  But no matter how many books I find, I always wonder what certain books would be like if they were written and published for us to enjoy.  So, that is what this new feature on ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ is about.  I will develop my own books, with appropriate titles, and offer them up to you for your critiques.  No, I will not be penning any of these any time soon, but I just want to test the interest of the readers of this blog to see if my thoughts gel with what you find entertaining about the sport of baseball.

I’ve got some great ideas, at least I think so, and I cannot wait to share them with you.  Look for the first book next week as I bring you ‘Now That’s A Book I’d Read’.

used books by babblingdweeb.

The Field Is Set – Let’s Go!!!

Alright, the 3-game series between the Boston Red Sox and New York Mets begins tonight.  Below is a list of the players and the number of runs that they have selected for the series.

# of Runs Player
13 White Sox Cards
14 Rod
15 Andy
16 Ortega
17 Matt R
18 Johnny
19 John W
20 Matt  
21 Gritz76
22 ZMan40
23 Beardy
24 Don
25 Paul
26 Uncle Moe
27 Deal
28 Steve
29 Mark A
30 Jon  
31 Night Owl
32 Gerad
33 Jeff
34 Chris Fernandez
35 Peter
36 Ben
37 Dan
38 Joe Pascone
40 Dan


And the prizes, you are eligible to win – 2 of these beauties!!!


Good Luck!!!