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1983 Topps Super Veteran – Kent Tekulve

1983 Topps Super Veteran – Kent Tekulve

Super isn’t a word I would use to summarize Kent Tekulve’s 16-year career.  ‘Tek’ was a nice pitcher and he put up some very solid numbers, but not enough to garner the label of super. 

As a relief pitcher, ‘Tek’ had some every successful seasons as he collected 14 or more saves 7 different times.  He also helped dig his team out of losing games as he had 4 seasons with double digit wins(all in relief appearances).  Still, with a lifetime record of 94-90 with 184 career saves he doesn’t really make the cut in the ‘Super’ group. 

Kent Tekulve was a serviceable pitcher, and part of the Pittsburg Pirates 1979 World Series championship team.  He was a 1-time All-star and finished in 5th place for the Cy Young award two time in his career.

Kent Tekulve is the kind of pitcher that every team needs.  He is that guy that bales you out when your starter can’t get out of trouble.  He is that guy that gets no credit.  He is that guy who works hard to get his team back into position to win games.  Every team needs a Kent Tekulve!!!


Did You Know…

Ty Cobb hit over .300 in 23 consecutive seasons, the longest such run by any major-leaguer.

**factoid from ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’

My comments – This is truly amazing and realy puts into perspective how amazing Cobb’s career was.   Of course I had to do a little research to see how some of the other great hitters in baseball history compared to Cobb’s feat.  And as I expected, none were close.  Pete Rose(16), Tony Gwynn(19), Wade Boggs(15), Rod Carew(15), and Ichiro(still active with 9) all gave a great effort, but Cobb is in a class by himself.

I Really, Really Want to Bid On This!!!!

I don’t know what to do.  With one click of my mouse I could increase the size of my Andre Dawson collection with a single purchase.  I have been waiting for an auction like this to come along for quite some time and now I don’t know if I should act on it or hold off.

What a predicament I’m in, huh????


Say It Ain’t Nolasc-So!!!!

After finishing the 2008 season with a 15-8 record and the tag of ‘Ace’ attached to his role in the Marlins’ roster, it appeared that the future was bright for 26-year old Ricky Nolasco.

Nolasco earned the Opening Day start for the Marlins this year, and let’s just say that he has not been able to come close to matching last season’s output…

In 9 games, Ricky is 2-5 and he owns a 9.07 ERA.  The tag of ‘Ace’ has now been replaced with ‘AAA’ as the Marlins sent Nolasco down to the minors after Friday’s 2-inning, 8-run, loss to the Rays.

Good Luck Ricky.  Get your stuff right as we will welcome anyone back that can do for us what you accomplished in ’08.  And please tell Cameron that the team  at ’30-YOC’ says ‘Hi’.