Say It Ain’t Nolasc-So!!!!

After finishing the 2008 season with a 15-8 record and the tag of ‘Ace’ attached to his role in the Marlins’ roster, it appeared that the future was bright for 26-year old Ricky Nolasco.

Nolasco earned the Opening Day start for the Marlins this year, and let’s just say that he has not been able to come close to matching last season’s output…

In 9 games, Ricky is 2-5 and he owns a 9.07 ERA.  The tag of ‘Ace’ has now been replaced with ‘AAA’ as the Marlins sent Nolasco down to the minors after Friday’s 2-inning, 8-run, loss to the Rays.

Good Luck Ricky.  Get your stuff right as we will welcome anyone back that can do for us what you accomplished in ’08.  And please tell Cameron that the team  at ’30-YOC’ says ‘Hi’.

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