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Chicago Cubs Greats Of The Game – Ryne Sandberg

Chicago Cubs Greats Of The Game – Ryne Sandberg

Finally, #23 is home.  Strictly because I was always looking for a better deal, this card escaped me for months.  I am happy to announce that it is now part of my collection at last. 

No player since Ernie Banks defines the Chicago Cubs team the way that Ryne Sandberg does.  The loyalty that the fans had to Ryno during his playing days and well after is remarkable and well deserved.

Although Ryno did not have the pleasure of playing on too many winning teams with the Cubs, his effort on a nightly basis is what made him a fan favorite in the ‘Windy City’.  A superb defender with a knack for delivering incredible offense, Ryno was the glue for the Chicago Cubs franchise for 16 terrific seasons. 

A classy player.  A Chicago favorite.  A Hall of Famer.


Happy Anniversary Michael Jack Schmidt!!!

20 years ago today, Mike Schmidt retired from the game of baseball. 

Watching this video still gives me chills…

I remember this press conference like it was yesterday.  Even as a 13-year old kid, I understood how hard it was for a player like Mike Schmidt to leave the game of baseball.  One of the game’s biggest stars for close to 2 decades, Schmidt solidified himself as one of the greatest power hitters of all-time.

With a resume filled with elite milestones, Schmidt was able to leave the game as one it’s greatest players but that did not make the final decision any easier for him.

Cheers to you Mike Schmidt – A baseball hero and a class act!!! 

Happy Birthday Eric Davis!!!

Amazingly, Eric Davis turns 47 years old today!!!

Wow, I remember the hype around Eric Davis as he began his career with the Cincinnati Reds.  He was a ‘5-Tool player’ that could do it all and he was going to rescue the Reds franchise and deliver them back to baseball glory.  Davis had the speed, power, charisma, and personality to carry the franchise to the promised land!!!

After 7 remarkable seasons with the Reds that were littered with All-star appearances, Gold Glove trophies, Silver Slugger awards, and even a World Series championship, Davis was on his way to becoming one of the games biggest stars.  Talk about becoming baseball’s second ’40/40 Man’ was a daily occurrence in baseball circles.  As one of the game’s premier players, ‘Eric The Red’ was riding high.

Unfortunately, a terrible string of injuries and then an unfortunate battle with cancer stalled Davis’ ability to dominate the game.  This 1-time hero became just a regular role player.  On occasion, Davis gave us more memorable moments to add to his impressive highlight reel, but he was never able to recapture and string together seasons of success like he had in the late 1980’s when he was on top of the baseball world.

For his birthday, I would like to give Eric back the 1987 season.  I believe that this was his best all-around effort, and he only played in 129 of the team’s 162 games.  In those 129 contests, Davis hit .293 while collecting 37 homers and 50 steals.  Something tells me that if he had been healthy for the entire year we could be referring to him as the original ’40/40 man’ and quite possibly the lone ’50/50 Guy’ too.

Happy Birthday to ‘Eric The Red’!!!!