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Happy Birthday Kirk Gibson!!!

Kirk Gibson turns 52 years old today.

Images of Kirk  Gibson’s fist-pumping, leg-limping jog around the bases during Game 1 of the World Series is undoubtedly the first thing that baseball fans remember when Gibson’s name is mentioned.  That night turned Gibson from a very good everyday player into a baseball legend!!  Very few people remember that this was Gibson’s lone appearance in that ’88 title match-up.  It’s amazing how with 1 swing of the bat, Gibson etched his place in baseball history and created a moment that none of us will soon forget!!!

Few recall that just 4 years prior as a member of the Detroit Tigers Gibson won his first championship.  In that ’84 series, Gibson hit .333 in 6 games while collecting 6 hits, 2 home runs, 7 RBI, and 3 stolen bases.  Some players just have a knack for making their presence felt during the most necessary times, and Gibson is certainly that player.

For his birthday, I would like to give ‘Gibby’ perfect health.  Perfect health for the 4 games of that 1988 World Series.  Heck, if he was able to create one of baseball’s grandest highlights with just 1 at-bat, imagine what he could have done with 16-20 of them…  I only ask for 1 thing in return – keep the limp.  It really adds to the dramatic flare!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Gibson!!!


Randy Johnson’s Countdown To 300 Wins – Part 4

Tonight Randy Johnson takes his 3rd shot at career win #299.  In his last outing Johnson was dazzling – He pitched 6 innings while allowing just 1 run and striking out 7 batters.  Unfortunately it was not enough as the Giants fell to the Mariners in extra innings.

Will tonight be any different for Johnson?  His Giants team is at home tonight, where they are 14-8, as they take on the Atlanta Braves.  In 12 career games versus the Braves, Johnson is 5-5.  Hopefully start #13 is indeed lucky as ‘The Big Unit’ continues his march towards career victory #300.

Johnny Bench Book Signing – Results

This happened in such a flurry that I don’t even know where to begin this story… 

I try to search the autograph webpages that I follow often so I keep on top of what is happening in that part of the hobby.  Of the sites I follow, some deal with in-person autograph experiences, some are strictly for TTM collectors, and then there are the ones that encompass the entire subject.

One that I use quite often is  This site has 2 options for the user – (1) free listings of all professional athlete autograph appearances in the country.  The only limit is that these are often not revealed until just days prior to the occurrence making it hard to plan ahead.  (2) a paid membership allowing total access to dates and times of events so you can plan accordingly.  Obviously the second plan is much better, but I stick to the free listings in hopes that I can move quickly to add some pretty sweet autographs to my collection.

And now I have added this….

Johnny Bench was doing a signing at a Barnes and Noble store in Arizona.  Although Bench was only offering free autographs with the purchase of his new book, I took this chance to grab a Hall of Fame autograph from one of the greatest players this sport has ever seen.

Check it out…


And now the autograph…


NNNIIIICCCEEEE!!!!!  My signed book collection is growing by leaps and bounds.  I am thrilled to add this HOF and 2-time MVP to my collection and look forward to reading this book in the very near future.

Thank you Mr. Bench!!!

Happy Birthday Frank Thomas!!!

‘The Big Hurt’ turns 41 years old today.

I have to say that of all of the players in the 40-ish age group that are no longer active, I think that Frank Thomas still could be a great contributor in the majors today.  Thomas was a rare player and his offensive abilities were limitless.  Had it not been for injuries that effected his daily performance and eventually prematurely ended his career, Thomas would certainly have gone down as one of the greatest ‘Big Men’ in the sport.

His resume is impressive – a 2-time MVP, 521 home runs, .301 lifetime batting average, 1,704 RBI, 2,468 career hits.

For his birthday I will be granting numerous wishes.  Thomas leaves the game with a Hall of Fame caliber career – but I believe he deserves much more than that.  In the last 10 years of his career, Thomas missed more than half of the games his teams participated in.  I want to give him back those 10 years.  And with those 10 years, I am positive that he would easily eclipse the 600 home run and 3,000 hit plateaus adding him to a very elite and superior group of ball players that he deserves to be ranked alongside of.

 Happy Birthday Mr. Thomas!!!

Anyone Want Terry Steinbach’s Autograph???

Yeah, so did I.  That’s why I sent a few cards to Mr. Steinbach courtesy of the Minnesota Twins during Spring Training this year.

I got the cards back, unsigned, along with a letter from this former Oakland A’s superstar in which he asks for a donation to a scholarship fund that he and his wife created called ‘The Terry Steinbach Scholarship Fund.’  Since 1988 the Steinbach family has raised over $75,000 and has aided 21 kids in their goals of getting a college education.  This is a very admirable project by the Steinbachs – and that’s a lot of autographs too!!!

So, my original question still stands, ‘Anyone want a Terry Steinbach autograph?’  I know I do, now I just need to pick up a few more cards of him before I send something out.  Terry charges just $2 per signed card, $3 for a personalized card, and $5 for a signed photo.  These prices are just too good to pass up, and I will be sending something Mr. Steinbach’s way very soon.

Interested?  If so, send your cards and donation made out to ‘The Terry Steinbach Scholarship Fund’, Terry Steinbach, P.O. Box 181, Hamel, MN, 55340.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of your signed cards.

Thank you for the great offer Mr. Steinbach.  And thank you for helping us with our future too!!!

1985 Donruss Rickey Henderson

1985 Donruss Rickey Henderson

What a great photo!!!  This is the way that I most remember Rickey Henderson.  The epitome on concentration and terror on the base paths, Henderson made watching base running fun for me. 

The 1985 Donruss set was an odd one.  With it’s Black borders and Red striping, the cards often had a tone of darkness.  For this specific card, I would have preferred a full-body picture versus this cropped one.  It would also be nice to see how many steps Rickey was away from second base as he prepares to swipe third.  And although it’s not the card companies fault, this alternate jersey of the Oakland A’s really makes the look of the card much darker than it would be if Rickey was dressed in his ‘home whites’. 


Did You Know…

Derek Lowe of the 2004 Boston Red Sox is the only major league pitcher to win the final game of a division series, a league championship series, and the World Series all in the same year. 

**factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’

Andre Dawson Certified Autograph #2

I recently scored 7 Andre Dawson certified autographs off of Ebay for less than $30 delivered.  This is card #2 of the 7.

 The scan does not do the design of this card justice.  The ‘industrial’ feel that the Silver-colored gears on this card’s design is visually appealing to me.  And the photo of Andre in his old Expos uniform has just a hint of Silver in it too so it blends very well with the overall feel of this card.  Tagged as ‘Etchec In Time’, this card is numbered as 58/375 and once again features a beautiful autograph from ‘The Hawk’. 

Dawson Cert 2

Attention Player Collectors, This One’s For You!!!

I patrol eBay quite a bit.  If I had my way, I would spend quite a bit too.  I guess both good and bad things come from being a ‘disciplined’ collector.  It’s very rare that I will buy a single card due to the inflated ‘Buy It Now’ pricing and ridicolous shipping fees people will ask for just to ship 1 baseball card.  Instead I focus on sellers that offer value, whether it is combined shipping discounts or large lots of the cards I like.

If you’re a player collector, like me, you’re going to want to check out this ebay store – dan-o-78.  Although not for everyone, this seller has some very large lots of the players we love.  Guys from the 1980’s and 90’s that dominated the game.  And although the prices for these lots have high starting prices, the breakdown of these lots is just a penny or two per card.

Do you need 700 Roger Clemens cards – if so click here.  Is Tom Glavine your favorite pitcher?  If so, you’re going to love this.  If the Twins are  your favorite team, you’re in luck as he has a great Kirby Puckett lot for sale as well a smaller one of Rod Carew too.  Do you only collect Hall of Fame players?  Why not grab Brooks Robinson, Steve Carlton, Jim Palmer, or Tom Seaver and stock up on these baseball legends at very affordable prices?

In my opinion, eBay lots are the way to go for the player collector and I think that these are some of the best deals I have seen in quite some time.  There are a few lots I have my eyes on, and if times were different and money was no issue, I would be submitting bids on quite a few of these great lots!!!

Happy Shopping!!!

Enjoy Your Day Today

If you have the day off from work, enjoy it.  If you have no school today, enjoy it. 

Take the time to relax a little today if you can.  3-day weekends do not come around often enough, so spend the extra time you have doing something you enjoy but can’t do as often as you’d like.

Happy Memorial Day to you all!!!

Rockville, MD  ~ 2008 Memorial Day Parade [CP] by Daniel.Techie @ 127.Ø.Ø.1.