My Chicago Cubs ‘Greats Of The Game’ Set Is Complete!!!

It took me 4 1/2 months  to collect this 10-card set, but I am happy to finally announce that I have completed my first subset since getting back into the hobby last fall.

While 4 1/2 months may seem like a hell of  a long time to buy 10 cards, I really wanted to take my time with this set.  I was in no rush, obviously, to finish it but now that it’s complete I am proud to bring you this.



My opinion of the final product is both positive and negative.

First the negatives – I don’t understand why Fleer would use both color and Black & White photography with this set.  By looking at the 10 cards above, it’s very clear to me that the color pictures look much better and work best with this set’s design.  While I am a big fan of the modern-day card that features an old-school look, I think that color photo was the way to go with this set.  Another complaint would be the image selection used.  A few examples – Mark Grace in front of empty stands?  Ryno with his head down while swinging the bat?  Bruce Sutter looking stunned for his portrait?  There are hundreds of pictures of these players in their Cubs’ uniforms that Fleer could have used – they should have spent a few more minutes working on their ‘image quality’.  Lastly, this should have been an 11-card set – Lee Smith deserves a seat alongside these ‘Cubs Greats of the Game’.

And now the positives – The concept of this set is perfect for a team collector.  And the artist or group of artists that put this design together should be commended for their excellent work.  The use of the Cubs’ Red, White, and Blue color scheme makes these cards come alive.  And the addition of the Ivy from Wrigley Field’s outfield wall is genius!!!

I really enjoyed putting this set together, and even now that it’s completed, I still enjoy looking at it.  I think that is what is ultimately important when it comes to building things for your collection.  The building process is fun – but enjoying the completed work feels even better!

6 responses to “My Chicago Cubs ‘Greats Of The Game’ Set Is Complete!!!

  1. Looks great! I agree with the black and white. You would thing there would be color photos of Jenkins and Sutter somewhere that they could have used. This set looks like a nice summer project for me!

  2. Very nice set. I’ve enjoyed watching you collect these.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I agree 100% about the black and white cards. They just look out of place among the others. The Dawson card is best by far…his swing was awesome.

  4. Those are the kinds of things that look really nice once completed, in a binder.

  5. Congrats on your completion !

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