Daily Archives: June 2, 2009

Andre Dawson Certified Autograph #3

I recently scored 7 Andre Dawson certified autographs off of Ebay for less than $30 delivered.  This is card #3 of the 7.

Wow, check out this beauty!!!  This card comes from the 2005 Donruss Classics ‘Stars of Summer’ set.  The card is numbered 20/50 and features ‘The Hawk’ wearing his old Montreal Expos uniform. 

This card looks great, and my only complaint about it would be the large, empty space to the left af Andre’s picture.  Although Donruss has ‘ghosted’ in a picture of a ball field, it does not stand out unless you are told acout it.  They could have used a bolder image and still would not have taken anything away from the overall design of this card…  Oh well.  Still a great looking card with an awesome autograph!!!

Dawson Cert 3

Happy Anniversary Ken Griffey Jr.!!!

On this day back in 1987, Ken Griffey Jr. was selected as the 1st pick taken in baseball’s professional draft.  At just 17 years of age, the sky was the limit for ‘The Kid’ that was born to play professional baseball.

Having grown up around big league players and ball parks during his entire youth, Griffey had the rare advantage of knowing what the daily life of a big leaguer was about well before he suited up for one.  And even with all eyes on him, Griffey excelled and certainly lived up to the hype of being the first pick in the draft as well as the son of one of the game’s former stars.

Has Griffey accomplished everything that was expected of him?  Probably not.  But I don’t think anyone can live up to some of the tags thrown at him from such a young age.  Still, Griffey Jr. has had a brilliant career and should be named amongst the sport’s greatest players of all-time, and certainly of his generation. 

 Happy Anniversary Ken.  Please stay around as long as you’d like!!!!

Happy Anniversary Babe Ruth!!!

On this day, the immortal Babe Ruth retired from the game 74 years ago.  He was 40 years old.

At the time of his retirement, Ruth was the leader of many career records in major league baseball.  The sport’s all-time single season and career home run hitter, most walks received, highest slugging percentage, were some of the achievements that Ruth took with him as he left the game.

As we all have seen, many of Ruth’s most heroic achievements have been eclipsed and few remain with him at the top of the list.  Amazingly enough, the sentiment when discussing ‘The Babe’ is still alive and as strong as ever.  Thankfully, there are some incredible books that have been written about Babe Ruth over the years for us to enjoy.  And as long as the Internet is around, we will always have an endless source of information about his baseball career.

Ruth’s legacy will carry on, but we are living with the last generation of people to witness Ruth during his playing days.