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Randy Johnson’s Countdown To 300 Wins – Part 5

Randy Johnson’s Countdown To 300 Wins – Part 5

History can be made tonight as Randy Johnson and the San Francisco Giants take on the Washington Nationals.  When Johnson takes the mound it will be his first crack at the 300th win of his career.  In 10 career starts against the Nationals, Johnson is 4-3 with a 2.99 ERA. 

The Nationals are struggling lately so we will see if Johnson and the Giants are ready to do what is needed to make June 3rd a historic night.  Good Luck Randy!!!


For those of you interested in watching the game in hopes of seeing baseball history, ESPN will be airing the Red Sox and Tigers game – SORRY!!!

1975 Topps Dave Winfield

1975 Topps Dave Winfield

This card eluded me for quite some time.  When I began my quest to collect all of Dave Winfield’s cards from his rookies season of 1974 through 1989, I immediately sought his cards from the 1970’s as I figured that they would cost me the most money.  I paid just $6.50 for this card but it was pretty hard to come by.

For some reason, the 1975 cards that Topps put out did not hold  up well to being handled.  I found it very hard to find a decent one with nice, square corners.  And if I did, it usually had cracks or chips on the bold-colored border.  I have stated many times in this blog that I do not care for the 1975 Topps design.  And for each and every time that I have made my case about this, there have been handfuls of readers that agree and disagree with me.  What I have concluded is that you either love or hate the ’75s, and either way you go there will be collectors that feel the same or differ.

So, for me I hate the design.  But I love the card!!!  Welcome home ‘Big Dave’!!!!

75 Winfield

Did You Know…

The only person to win the batting title in his first two major league seasons was Tony Oliva of the Twins.  In the 1964 season, he hit .324; in 1965, he hit .321.

** factoid corutesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’

My take – This is an amazing feat, by a relatively underrated player.  Of all of the incredible hitters to have played in the league and done well upon their entrance, I am shocked that nobody has matched or over-taken this record.  Tony Oliva was in a class by himself from 1964-65 and should be remembered fondly for this baseball achievement!!!

BREAKING NEWS : Dan Uggla Connects For Career Home Run #100!!!!

A quarter into his 4th season as a major league baseball player, and Dan Uggla has already smashed the 100th home run of his career.

In the second inning of tonight’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers, Dan Uggla ‘went yard’.  He has more home runs than any other Marlins player since the 2006 season and is on pace for another 30+ home run season.

At this pace, and if he remains healthy enough to play in 150 or more games a year, Uggla should find himself with more than 300 career homers by the end of his career.  At age 29, he should have at least 6-7 more productive years ahead of him, and of course I now have to wonder how many more ’round-trippers’ Uggla may have had if he’d been with the team since the age of 21 or 22 with another 3 or 4 seasons under his belt. 

Hmmm…  maybe 400+ would have been a strong possibility…

Congratulations Dan!!!!  We are proud of your accomplishment and thrilled to have you on our team!!!