1988 Score Traded Mark Grace

1988 Score Traded Mark Grace

I finally found this card for a bargain – I paid just 35 cents for what may be my favorite Mark Grace rookie card.

That swing, man that swing brings back a lot of memories.  As a ‘righty’ I always admired the ‘other guys’ that swung from the left-hand side.  And of them, I thought Grace had one of the greatest looking swings out of all of them.  I liked watching him swing the bat more than Will Clark and Ken Griffey, Jr. and Wade Boggs and Don Mattingly.  Grace had that pure stroke with very little upswing.  His swing was perfect for line drives, and he took advantage of playing at Wrigley Field on a daily basis.

I am thrilled to have this card in my small, but very meaningful Mark Grace rookie collection!

Grace Score

One response to “1988 Score Traded Mark Grace

  1. Which other rookies are you missing? You can see them all here:


    Let me know and since I have extras of most every one, I can probably send you what you need.

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