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Helping Thy Fellow Blogger

I started a new job 2 months ago.  And with that new job came my end to web-surfing between the hours of 8:00 AM through 5:00 PM.  And as anyone with young children can atest to, it is hard to escape to blog or surf the web until the kiddies are taken care of and to to bed for the night.

This has led to my failure of keeping up with some great new blogs in our sportscard community.  Luckily, I am starting to find some more time in my schedule to get back to reading my old favorites again as well as checking out these new ones.

And of the new ones I have found recently, here is a sampling of my favorites:

Andre Dawson For The Baseball Hall Of Fame – what can I say?  Fans of ‘The Hawk’ have to stick together as we pull for 2010 to finally be Andre’s year.

Mike Pelfrey’s House– Another in the long line of player collectors.  But a blog about the hobby in general with a love for the Mets and TTM autograph hunting.

The Mojo Hand– It’s always interesting for me to follow a collector that has almost exactly the opposite collecting habits of what I collect.  Mojo will show off the higher-end, shiny cards on a regular basis.

Project Baseball 1976– Follow Matt as he breaks down the 1976 Topps set card by card each day.  Along with featuring a new card on a daily basis, Matt drops knowledge on the player being featured.  Definitely worth checking out…

The Priceless Pursuit – A fun site from a collector that knows his collection of yesteryear is worth little in book value.  And another great TTM collector too!!

Hall of Fame Cards – The name says it all.  A collector devoted to collecting players in or on their way to Cooperstown.  Oh, and another Cubs fan too!!

Demolition of Yankee Stadium – Exactly as titled with some amazing images.  It’s sad to see the old ball park get this kind of treatment, but I keep coming back for more!!

So, there you have it.  Some great new blogs that are certainly worth checking out.

What, are you waiting for???

Happy Anniversary Eddie Murray!!!

On this day in 1992, Eddie Murray passed the great Mickey Mantle for the all-time lead in RBI by a switch-hitter.  His 1,510th RBI broke the record. 

Murray finished his stellar career with 1,917 total RBI.  He still holds the all-time record for a switch-hitter and ranks 9th in baseball history!!!

Don’t worry Eddie, one of these days you will finally get the credit you deserve for being one of the greatest offensive players this game has ever seen.  I just hope I am around to see it happen…