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Baseball Card Show Purchase #8 – 26 New Andre Dawson Cards!!!

As I attend each card show, I always hope that I will find a new Andre Dawson treasure to add to my collection.  As the months have gone by and the size of my collection escalates, it has become harder and harder to find that hidden gem.

That’s why I was shocked to find more than 500 Dawson cards all in one box waiting for me.  I have not seen a large lot of one player’s cards like this in quite some time and I jumped right into that box to sort through them and pull my ‘needs’.

Pretty quickly, I had 26 new Dawson card loaded into my plastic case and I became an extremely happy player collector.  I have made some great strides in the size of my Andre Dawson collection over the last few months, but that has been primarily courtesy of the Internet.  It was nice to finally add some new cards via a cash sale.

And here are the 26 .

First the Cubbies!!!

Dawson show 1

And then a bunch of Red Sox with a few Expos and Marlins cards thrown in too…

dawson show 2

I’m getting dangerously close to owning 300 different Andre Dawson cards  – less than 10 to go!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #7 – The 1987 Jose Canseco Trilogy

Are you kidding me?  Just 1 dime for each of these bad-boys?  Of course I jumped at this chance. 

I affectionately call these 3 cards ‘The 1987 Jose Canseco Trilogy’!!!

For a few years in the late 1980’s, Canseco ruled the baseball world as he was a man amongst boys.  His home runs sailed farther than the rest.  And he was faster than them too!

As a kid, I had enough of these cards to wallpaper a small room with.   


It’s nice to have these three cards back in my possession!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #6 – Rookie Class of 1985

In 1985, I was a 10-year buyer of baseball cards that turned into a collector!!  And the 1985 sets contained some of the biggest and brightest rookie cards of them all!!!

Amazingly, I found all of these rookie cards in the ‘3-for-$1.00’ bin.

Orel Hershiser – 1985 Donruss & 1985 Topps.  Hershiser was one of the fiercest competitors I have ever seen play.  Even when he didn’t have his greatest stuff, he was better than most.  The 1988 postseason would not have been the same with him.


Eric Davis – 1985 Topps.  Of all of the guys that should have and could have been, Eric Davis was ‘that guy’ for me.  To this day, I still wonder what ‘Eric The Red’ could have done with a full 20-year career of perfect health.  The sky was certainly the limit!!!

Eric Davis

Darryl Strawberry – 1985 Topps(base and 1st round draft pick).  Darryl is one of my favorites.  He was the guy that you stopped flipping channels on just to watch and see what he would do.  To this day, I remember a friend of mine calling a home run as we just put on a Mets game.  You can probably guess who his favorite player became after that home run….

Straw 1985

Baseball Card Show Purchase #5 – Future Stars: Kent Hrbek & Tim Raines

This is the way that I remember rookie cards from the 1970’s and early 1980’s. 

And when I saw these 2 beauties in mint condition in the $1 bin, I eagerly I scooped them up.

1982 Kent Hrbek rookie card – Kent Hrbek will always be one of my favorite Twins players from the 1980’s.  He was such a dynamic and important part of those World Series winning teams from 1987 and 1991.


1981 Topps Tim Raines rookie card – I have wanted this card for a very long time.  Finally, it is mine!!  With so much emphasis of my collecting being put on multi-dimensional players, Tim Raines’ name continues to come up.  ‘Rock’ had a great career and was on par with baseball’s biggest stars for more than a decade.


Baseball Card Show Purchase #4 – The John Smoltz Rookie Card 4-Bagger

I am still in disbelief that someone would let me ‘steal’ 4 John Smoltz rookie cards for just 1 dime each!!!

I was really hoping to pull an Upper Deck and Bowman rookie card of Smoltz to complete this little rookie set, but when you’re paying just 10 cents a card, you cannot get everything you want.

4-out-of-6 ain’t too bad – especially when they’re of one of the greatest pitchers from the last 20 years!!! 


Baseball Card Show Purchase #3 – Jackson, Abbott, and Alomar Rookie Cards

I grabbed some great stuff out of the ‘3-for-$1.00’ bin.

3 batches of rookie cards from 1987, 1988, and 1989.

Bo Jackson – 1987 Topps & 1987 Donruss. 


 Jim Abbott – 1988 Topps Traded & 1989 Topps & 1989 Topps Traded.


 Roberto Alomar – 1988 Topps Traded & 1988 Donruss.


Baseball Card Show Purchase #2 – (4) 2008 Hall of Fame Goudeys

I like Goudey.  I like the flash back to the past.  It reminds me of the cards from the 1950’s that I used to drool over as a kid and admittedly still do today.

I snatched up these 4 cards for $1.00.  I may have been able to buy them cheaper if I had tried a little harder, but I couldn’t say no to Rollie, Reggie, Jim, and Johnny!!!

A few quick notes about each guy:

Rollie Fingers – I heard he signs TTM for a $10 fee.  Something tells me that this card would look great signed.

Reggie Jackson – The king of COOL!!  ‘Nuff said….

Jim Palmer – My second favorite pitcher from the 1970’s – right behind Fergie Jenkins.  He had an amazing string from 1973-76 – check it out!!!

Johnny Bench – My favorite catcher of all-time.  I really started to appreciate Bench when I was learning about Billy Williams and his career with the Cubs.  Bench won the MVP 2-times, beating Williams each time.  Had it not been for Bench, Williams could have been a 2-time MVP and 1st ballot Hall of Famer.  Don’t worry Johnny, we’re not mad at you!!!

Goudey 4

Great Finds!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #1 – Eddie Murray Lot

I don’t know if it was me stalking Eddie Murray or if he was stalking me…

I couldn’t get away from Eddie at this show, so I decided to scoop us as many cards of his as I could.  I got all 12 of these cards for just a dime a piece.  I have always enjoyed Eddie Murray, but prefer him solely as an Oriole.  I don’t know why, but for some reason I think he looks great in the Orioles’ team colors.

I really got a nice assortment of his cards as you can see below.  The dealer I bought these from had at least forty 3,200 count boxes of cards on his tables.  They were very well organized by sport so I knew just where to jump in.  I only made it through one box before my feet and back started to ache, but for the $1.20 I spent on these Eddie Murray cards, the pain was worth the treasure!! 


Baseball Card Show Review

Bob Dylan said it best, ‘Oh, the times, they are a changin'”…

Le me just say that I am still in shock by what I experienced for two hours at the baseball card show this past weekend.  Let me explain –  The number of dealers was triple what I saw the last time that I went to the show in January.  And more shocking than that, when I arrived at 11:30 in the morning there were dozens of customers shopping around.  Not a small handful, but dozens!!!  I was really surprised by this turnout of both sellers and buyers and I eagerly jumped right into the mix.

Since I saw so many new faces behind the tables, I quickly took a lap to check out the stuff before I stopped to shop.  I wanted to be sure that I had an idea of what was lying around the corner so I didn’t miss anything.  For the few shows I had been to at the end of 2008, I didn’t have to take my customary lap as I already had a very good idea of what was at each and every dealer table.

I have to say that again, I was surpried by what I saw.  Altough the cards were plentiful, there was quite a bit of memorabilia and autograph merchandise too.  It’s always cool to check that stuff out, but it usually comes with a hefty price tag as well.  After my walk around scoping out the tables, I made it back to a few and feel like I did pretty well with my buys. 

I will be posting my buys throughout the day today, but here are my notes about the show:

  • Tons of vintage stuff.  And the return of ‘vintage table guy’ too.  I hadn’t seen this guy for almost a year, but he was there with an incredible spread of albums from the 1960’s and 70’s.  I admired his items, asked for a few prices and then saw him again open up his Beckett and quote me right from his bible.  Sorry bud, I don’t work that way…
  • Bargain bins galore.  It seems like everyone was getting rid of their ‘stuff’ and just focusing on the premium cards.  That’s fine by me since I love the stars, MVP’s, and Hall Of Famers from yesteryear and could care less about the up-and-coming players.  I made a killing at the ‘3-for-$1’ bins as well as the ‘$0.10 bins’ too…
  • Where are the kids??  With the exception of the few toddlers hanging out with their dads, there were no kids at the show.  Kind of odd, huh???  There were a few upper-aged teenagers and a few that could have been in their twenties.  But what happened to the 7,8,9, and 10-year olds that want to blow their allowance on cardboard?  They were certainly not at this show!!
  • I met a guy at my first show back last summer and he sorts most of his stuff by team.  After leafing through hundreds of Cubs cards, I mentioned how surprising that he had not one Andre Dawson card in the entire lot.  He claims to own over 1,000 Dawson cards and was holding them in hopes of selling them to Andre himself.  I quietly laughed at that, but each show that passed I would ask if he brought his Dawsons for me to go through.  Well, finally he did and I scored a nice handful of new Andre Dawson cards to add to my player collection.

What a great time.  I could have spent hours there – but family was calling so I wisely took advantage of the time I did get to spend there.  I have tons of posts and scans for you today.  Check back often, as I will be unveiling EVERY SINGLE CARD I BOUGHT all day long!!!!

The hobby is alive my friends.  Oh Yes, the hobby is alive!!!!