Baseball Card Show Purchase #1 – Eddie Murray Lot

I don’t know if it was me stalking Eddie Murray or if he was stalking me…

I couldn’t get away from Eddie at this show, so I decided to scoop us as many cards of his as I could.  I got all 12 of these cards for just a dime a piece.  I have always enjoyed Eddie Murray, but prefer him solely as an Oriole.  I don’t know why, but for some reason I think he looks great in the Orioles’ team colors.

I really got a nice assortment of his cards as you can see below.  The dealer I bought these from had at least forty 3,200 count boxes of cards on his tables.  They were very well organized by sport so I knew just where to jump in.  I only made it through one box before my feet and back started to ache, but for the $1.20 I spent on these Eddie Murray cards, the pain was worth the treasure!! 


3 responses to “Baseball Card Show Purchase #1 – Eddie Murray Lot

  1. You know, the more I see of 1982 Topps, the more the design grows on me lately. That ’82 Topps Murray is a beaut.

  2. I like that 87 Fleer. Good stuff.

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