Baseball Card Show Purchase #8 – 26 New Andre Dawson Cards!!!

As I attend each card show, I always hope that I will find a new Andre Dawson treasure to add to my collection.  As the months have gone by and the size of my collection escalates, it has become harder and harder to find that hidden gem.

That’s why I was shocked to find more than 500 Dawson cards all in one box waiting for me.  I have not seen a large lot of one player’s cards like this in quite some time and I jumped right into that box to sort through them and pull my ‘needs’.

Pretty quickly, I had 26 new Dawson card loaded into my plastic case and I became an extremely happy player collector.  I have made some great strides in the size of my Andre Dawson collection over the last few months, but that has been primarily courtesy of the Internet.  It was nice to finally add some new cards via a cash sale.

And here are the 26 .

First the Cubbies!!!

Dawson show 1

And then a bunch of Red Sox with a few Expos and Marlins cards thrown in too…

dawson show 2

I’m getting dangerously close to owning 300 different Andre Dawson cards  – less than 10 to go!!!

2 responses to “Baseball Card Show Purchase #8 – 26 New Andre Dawson Cards!!!

  1. I love the feeling of getting a bunch of your favorite players cards all in one day! Score!

  2. i really like that cubs one in the top left corner.

    congrats on the great andre pickups!


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