1985 Topps Traded Vince Coleman

 1985 Topps Traded Vince Coleman

It’s very rare that a single baseball card can capture the essence of a player in the same way that this 1985 Topps Traded Vince Coleman rookie card has done.  Vince was a runner – pure and simple.  This card’s picture captures that perfectly and is by far the greatest card of Vince Coleman to have been produced.

Here is this man who is in obvious top-notch condition doing what he did best.  Arms pumping.  Legs Racing.  Eyes Focused.  Vince Coleman was a base stealing machine for the St. Louis Cardinals and this rookie card is the perfect addition to my collection as it captures exactly why I was a fan of Coleman’s and what I will remember him most for.

To Topps – Congratulations!!!  You nailed this one!!!!


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