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Mariano Rivera’s Race To 500 Saves!!! Part 10

Mariano Rivera’s Race To 500 Saves!!! Part 10

5 straight games with no action must have Rivera chomping at the bit!!!!

We’ll see if luck gets back on is side as his New York Yankees team takes on the Braves for a 3-game series starting tonight. 

497 saves and counting!!!


Andre Dawson Certified Autpgraph #6

I recently scored 7 Andre Dawson certified autographs off of Ebay for less than $30 delivered.  This is card #6 of the 7.

And look at this beauty.  Here we have a perfect image of ‘The Hawk’ taking a mighty swing!!  This card is part of the 2003 Donruss “Legends of Summer’ series and is numbered 138/165.  Obviously the great looking Andre Dawson autograph would be enough for this player collector, but having the added inscription of ‘#8’ with his signature made this card a ‘MUST HAVE’ for me!!! 

Dawson Cert 6

Josh Johnson Takes The Title Of ‘Ace’

With the fast decline of Ricky Nosalsco’s status as the top hurler for the Florida Marlins, the few Marlins fans that remain had to wonder who would be the guy to step up for the team and take over that #1 spot in the pitching rotation.  Anibal Sanchez – No.  Andre Miller – No.  Hayden Penn – No.  Chris Volstad – No.  Shane West – No.

It was Josh Johnson, and is has been clear for quite some time that he is the prize of the Marlins’ pitching crew.  With a 7-1 record so far this season, Johnson has won 4 of his last 5 starts while taking each game deep into the 7th inning or more.  His K:walk ratio is 3.5:1 and his era has hovered around the 2.6-2.7 mark consistently.

After coming off of major surgery, the Tommy John kind, Johnson has been nothing less than stellar for ‘The Fish’.  In 2008 he resumed his spot in the pitching rotation and went 7-1 to finish the ’08 campaign.  He has started in ’09 the way he left off in ’08 and he’s proving to be the Marlins’ most valuable weapon in their rotation.

Hopefully the baseball world will get to see Josh play during a more marquee event.  I’m thinking that he would fit in very well alongside the greatest players in the game.  Maybe he’ll be able to show off his skills in the middle of July in St. Louis!!  He’s got my vote!!! 


Did You Know…

On September 25, 2001, Jeromy Burnitz and Richie Sexson of the Milwaukee Brewers became the only players in major league history to both hit three home runs in the same game for the same team. 


**factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’