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Albert Pujols Is On His Way To His First 50 Home Run Season!!!

Armed with 26 home runs, Albert Pujols is on pace for a potential 60 home run season.  Even if he does not hit that mark, 50+ seems like a very possible scenario.  And that would be Albert’s first 50 home run season of his career.

How does this guy continue to do it with such little press and fanfare??  We all recognize Pujols as one of the Top 5 players in the game.  And the argument can be made that nobody ranks higher.  So how does he continue to put up such incredible numbers and get such little publicity.  It’s very rare that any of the sports newscasts and highlights shows lead off with a story about Albert, yet he continues to out-slug the best hitters in the game.

Coming into the 2009 baseball season, Pujols had 319 home runs.  With a steady pace of 40+ home runs a season, he will reach 400 home runs during the 2010 season.  And if his health remains in tact with little time missed, he could reach 500 homers during the 2012 season.  And in 2012 he will be just 32 years old!!!

Hmmm…  Sounds like the possibilities are endless, huh???? 


Mariano Rivera’s Race To 500 Saves!!! Part 13

Mariano Rivera’s Race To 500 Saves!!! Part 13

After a 3-game set with the Atlanta Braves, Mariano Rivera was able to get into 2 games and record a save in each contest. 

He now heads home, sort of.  The New York Yankees return to the Big Apple, but they’ll play their next 3 games in the ‘other’ ballpark that calls New York home as they take on the cross-town Mets.

We’ll see if ‘Mo’ can add to his 499 career saves versus their inter-city rivals….  Stay tuned!


Happy Anniversary Kirby Puckett!!!

On this day in 1994, Kirby Puckett collected hit #2,086 of his career giving him the all-time hits leader spot in Minnesota Twins history.  Hit #2,086 elevated Puckett past legendary Twins player, and Hall of Famer, Rod Carew.

Kirby would end his career with 2,304 career hits, all with the Twins.  He is also the franchise’s leader in career doubles with 414!!!

Happy Anniversary Mr. Puckett!!! 


Did You Know…

 Willie Mays is the only member of the 500 home run club to hit his first homer off a future Hall of Famer(Warren Spahn).  Sammy Sosa, another member of the club, hit his first home off of Roger Clemens, who will certainly be a Hall of Famer, too. 


**factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’

My take – Just another comparison to a baseball legend that Sammy Sosa does not deserve…  Enough said!!