Can Anyone Tell Me More About This Andre Dawson Card???

 I picked up this card recently in an Andre Dawson ‘oddball’ lot.

The graphics screams 1988 Donruss, and the brand logo and year stamp confirm it.  But for the life of me, I cannot figure out what set this card is a part of.

I am hopeful that one of my readers can help me with this…

Here is the card front.  Again, it looks exactly like the ’88 Donruss base set with the Blue being replaced by this Day-Glo Orange.

dawson front

And the back looks nothing like the back of the base set from the same year.  The ’88 base set is printed horizontally, and has a different overall design while still featuring ‘The Hawk’s’ stats. 

dawson back

It should be noted that the bottom of this card mentions Andre’s All-star appearances so I am leaning towards believing it is part of an All-star subset…  but I don’t know for sure…

Please help!!!  Thanks.

10 responses to “Can Anyone Tell Me More About This Andre Dawson Card???

  1. It’s from the 1988 Donruss Baseball’s Best Set.

  2. It’s a 1988 Donruss Baseball’s Best card. They were sold as complete sets of 336 cards

  3. How could you not know this? Are you new to collecting cards? Go to the Beckett site, type in 1988 Andre Dawson, and it will show you every card mad of him for that year. For free, wih pictures.
    Very strange you don’t know this subset, they were produced in the millions, and Donruss made them for quite a few years.

  4. Not Jason, not everyone studies the 70 different Donruss sets they released each year.

  5. I had this very same question a few months ago. Fortunately “Not Jason” did not respond to my question.

  6. The Hawk is also in the 1989 set as well. I think the ’88 is a better looking set though!


  7. Sorry I didn’t mean to come across as angry, sometimes I forget typing out a comment could have a completely different tone and inflection than the “spoken word”.

  8. Yes it is from the 1988 Donruss Best set. I have a Blog on Andre being in the hall of fame, feel free to visit.

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