Happy Birthday Jeff Conine!!!

Jeff Conine turns 43 years old today.

Jeff Conine has been affectionately given the tag of ‘Mr. Marlin’ by the team’s fans.  A testament to his playing days in South Florida, Conine’s performance and winning ways as a member of the Florida Marlins has solidified him as their most decorated player and one of it’s favorites.

A member of both World Series championship teams in 1997 and 2003, Conine was a key cog in the Marlins franchise for 8 seasons.  Today, Conine holds a position in the front office with the team and also does some television work for the local channel that covers ‘The Fish’.

For his birthday, I think it would be fitting to give Mr. Marlin the honor of the first retired jersey in franchise history.  I know that these types of honors are normally held for players of a Hall of Fame type caliber, but Conine is certainly the greatest Florida Marlins player(so far)!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Marlin!!!


One response to “Happy Birthday Jeff Conine!!!

  1. played one of the greatest games I ever saw by a single player vs the Phils. September 17 2003


    box score may look like a blowout but it was tight before the Marlins blew out the Phils in the 9th.

    Phils and Marlins were vying for the wild card spot and Conine had a great game 2-3 Homer 3 RBI and 2 huge outfield assists.

    just a great all around game. Hated him at that moment but I have to respect his game.

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