He Was Called ‘Sweet Swingin’ Billy Williams’ For A Reason

Before the likes of Ken Griffey, Jr. and Will Clark and Mark Grace.  Even before Don Mattingly and Wade Boggs.  And even before George Brett and Rod Carew.

Billy Williams was tagged as having one of the sweetest left-handed strokes in all of the game well before this impressive list of talented lefties.

‘Sweet Swingin’ Billy Williams’ was tagged as such for his incredible talent at the plate.  A perfect swing with just a hint of upper-cut, Williams possessed a swing that was often tagged as ‘textbook’.  Perfect timing, excellent balance, and supreme control – ‘Sweet Swingin’ Billy Williams’ thrilled fans and players alike with his batting skills.

Williams was a master at the plate.  And the numbers back up just how solid of a hitter he was:

2,711 career hits.  434 Doubles.  88 Triples.  426 Home Runs.  .290 Career Batting Average.

Before there was ‘The Natural’ or ‘The Thrill’ or ‘Amazing Grace’, there was ‘Sweet Swingin’ Billy Williams’!!!! 

bw photo

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