So Close To Winning Two MVP Awards!!!

As the readers of this bog know by now, I have an admiration for Johnny Bench.  He was a leader and class act on the field and helped his team remain at the pinnacle of the sport in the 1970’s when there was quite a bit of heavy competition.

And with all of the positives that I can go on and on about his wonderful career, I have to admit that I believe he is the reason that Billy Williams is not a 2-time Most Valuable Player and he is also probably the reason that it took Williams so long to get voted into the Hall of Fame.

The facts:  Johnny Bench is a 2-time MVP award winner.  His 2 wins came in 1970 and 1972.  In each of those seasons, the second place player was Billy Williams.

Here is a peek at their stats during those two campaigns:

Player Hits Average HR’s RBI Runs  Notes
Bench 177 0.293 45 148 97 All-Star, Gold Glove
Williams 205 0.322 42 129 137  
Player Hits Average HR’s RBI Runs  Notes
Bench 145 0.270 40 125 87 All-Star, Gold Glove
Williams 191 0.333 37 122 95 All-Star, Batting Title


Pretty comparable huh??  Williams was such a dynamic player that if he had been on a team with a history of winning than he may be just as heralded of a player as the great, Johnny Bench!!!

bw 1970

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