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‘Now That’s A Book I’d Read’ – Book #6 – ‘My Windy City’

This book is the 6th book in this new feature at ’30-Year Old Cardboard’.

Title – ‘My Windy City’

Synopsis – Here are the tales from the guys that played for both major league baseball teams in Chicago. 

Jacket  Content – Chicago is a legendary city in the United States.  Known for it’s beautiful skyline, it’s stuffed pizza, and of course it’s baseball teams. 

The Cubs and White Sox are two of the most legendary teams in the major leagues.  And while sharing the same city, their fans and history are certainly different.  From the ‘Bleacher Bums’ at Wrigley Field to the ‘White Collar Fans’ from Comiskey Park, each group is fiercely loyal to their club, and their passion never crosses to the other side of the city.

In this book we will share the stories of the players that suited up for both teams.  We’ll hear their tales about their involvement with these very clearly different fans.  We’ll also get to hear some stories about their experiences in 2 of the most legendary baseball stadiums ever built.  While writing this book, one thing was certain – these players love the city of Chicago and were very eager to speak with us about the city and how it felt to play for these two franchises during their professional careers.


1- Paul Assenmacher : Cubs(1989-93) White Sox (1994)

2 – George Bell : Cubs(1991) White Sox(1992-93)

3 – Bobby Bonds : (1981) White Sox(1978)

4 – Tom Gordon : Cubs(2001-02) White Sox(2003)

5 – Rich ‘Goose’ Gossage : Cubs(1988) White Sox(1972-76)

6 – Ken Henderson : Cubs(1979-80) White Sox(1973-75)

7 – Lance Johnson : Cubs(1997-99) White Sox(1988-95)

8 – Don Larsen : Cubs(1967) White Sox(1961)

9 – Vance Law : Cubs(1988-89) White Sox(1982-84)

10 – Kenny Lofton : Cubs(2003) White Sox (2002)

11 – Scott Sanderson : Cubs(1984-89) White Sox(1994)

12 – Ron Santo : Cubs(1960-73) White Sox(1974)

13 – Steve Stone : Cubs(1974-76) White Sox(1973-78)

14 – Kevin Tapani : Cubs(1997-2001) White Sox(1996)

15 – Jose Vizcaino : Cubs(2009) White Sox(2005)

16 – Hoyt Wilhelm : Cubs(1970) White Sox(1963-68)


1971 Topps Fergie Jenkins

1971 Topps Fergie Jenkins

I had one of these cards already but the condition didn’t make it worthy of being added to my Fergie Jenkins collection.

So when I saw this one on Ebay and the price was right for the condition of the card, I jumped on it.  From my experiences in shopping for this 1971 design, it is hard to find one with nice sharp corners that is centered well.  The Black border of the card really makes any and all of the border’s flaws stand out.

This one looks good and I am very happy to add a 1971 Topps card to my Jenkins collection that is worthy of the spot I have had reserved for it!!!

fergie 71

Happy Birthday To The Canseco Brothers!!!

Jose and Ozzie Canseco turn 43 years old today.

While one brother reached the pinnacle of baseball success and the other barely made a dent as a professional player, the Canseco brothers have left a mark on the sport that will never be forgotten.  Namely due to Jose’s actions regarding steroids and bringing light to it’s influence in baseball, Canseco will always be remembered and linked to performance enhancing drugs and their effect on the game.

But too often, it is forgotten how dominant Jose was during his playing days.  Even at the end of his career, Jose was able to fill the stands with fans wanting to watch him play and he continued to deliver the long ball for them.

What I would like to give Jose is a ‘Re-do’.  He says that if he could take back the books he wrote that he would.  He says he never would put someone through what he has been through.  I’d like to test that theory.  But more than that, I would like to see how good and strong of a contribution to the game Jose could have made had he been the ideal teammate with a ‘team first’ mentality.

Happy Birthday Jose!!!