UPDATE: Baseball Milestones To Look Forward To In 2009.

I thought it would be a good time to review what potential baseball milestones were in line for us to witness during the 2009 season.  I originally posted this blog on April 2nd as I was getting prepared for what looked like could be a very historic season.

I will leave the entire post in tact and will just add new comments in RED.


As every new season begins I cannot help but hope that we will see baseball history made.  So with that, I bring to you a list of possible historical events that can take place during the 2009 baseball season.

Wish these guys luck!!!

Randy Johnson is 5 wins away from the magical 300 wins milestone.  He also needs 211 strikeouts to become  the second pitcher to reach 5,000 K’s.  Johnson has secured win #300 of his career and has not looked back since.  Now armed with 302 career victories, ‘The Big Unit’ is on pace for a 14-16 win season.  Johnson still needs 136 more K’s to meet the 5,000 mark – it is unlikely that this milestone will be achieved this season.


Barry Bonds is just 65 hits shy of 3,000.  Barry Bonds has not seen a baseball diamond in quite some time.  However, he has been enjoying some tasty ice cream!!!


Mariano Rivera needs just 18 saves to reach the 500 saves mark.  Rivera has eclipsed the 500 saves mark for his career and is just the second player in major league history to do so.  Remarkably, his skill set is as strong as it was when he recorded save #1.


Gary Sheffield is 1 home run away from making it into the ‘500 HR Club’.  Sheff banged career home run #500 early in the 2009 season and he currently sits at 509 round-trippers, which is good for 24th place all-time.  He should have no problem cracking the Top 20 if he remains healthy for the remainder of the year!!


Alex Rodriguez needs just 47 home runs to reach 600.  A-Rod has struggled this year due to his off-season hip surgery.  Word is that he will get at least one day off a week to rest.  He has still managed to blast 13 homers so far but #600 will have to wait for the 2010 season.


Carlos Delgado needs just 31 home runs to reach ‘500’.  Due to injury Delgado has only appeared in 26 games for the Mets this season.  Although he has 4 homers in those games, it is very unlikely that he will be able to return to the line-up and ring up enough round-trippers to top the 500 mark.


Sit back and relax.  2009 should be a wonderful and historical year for the baseball fan!!!  It’s been fun.  I’m eager to see what the remaining 85+ games have to offer us!!!


3 responses to “UPDATE: Baseball Milestones To Look Forward To In 2009.

  1. A-Rods 600 th home run won’t mean squash! Remove him from the books… along w/ Bonds, Clemens, Manny…. AND WHOEVER ELSE!

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