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1986 Donruss Vince Coleman

1986 Donruss Vince Coleman

I picked up this Vince Coleman 1986 rookie card at the same time that I grabbed this one

While the 1985 Topps Traded rookie card captures Vince in a way that I will always remember him while on the field, the ’86 Donruss card was not a bad pick-up either.  The photo is not even comparable to the great one that Topps used in their ’85 traded set, but the card is still Vince’s first card from Donruss and is categorized as a rookie card.

Coleman was a hell of a player.  And for the first few years of his career, he was stellar.  Vince Coleman was on pace to match or beat all of baseball’s stolen base records.  He was a rare player that always had ‘The Green Light’ and he certainly took advantage of his chances on the base paths.  Known for blinding speed with the skill of sliding perfected, Coleman was pure joy to watch during his first few seasons with the St. Louis Cardinals.

86 Coleman

Happy Anniversary Lou Gherig!!!

On this day in 1939 the great Lou Gherig retired from the sport of baseball.  A fan favorite and team leader, it was an emotional day for all baseball fans as a legend in the game was forced to leave his beloved sport to battle a deadly disease. 

70 years later, Gherig’s legacy lives on and he is still a celebrated member of the New York Yankees family and all of baseball too.

Gherig had the honor of being the first player in professional baseball history to have his jersey retired.  A truly deserving man to be recognized in this special way, Gherig was as classy of a player that this sport has ever seen.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Gherig!!!


Happy 4th Of July!!!

Have a great day today.  Try to go out and enjoy the weather if you can.  And try to take in a local fireworks show if you’re able to do so.

But more than anything, try to take a moment to reflect on what ‘Independence Day’ is truly about.  We live in an amazing country and although we may not all agree with the daily happenings of our government and leaders, we are in a much better position than the rest of the world!!!

Happy 4th of July!!!