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Where Have All The TTM’s Gone???

One of the most common subjects of email I receive from readers of ’30-YOC’ is about my TTM successes.  While most are congratulatory, they are also from people interested in trying to go after some of the players I have had successes with.  Of them, the ones I am questioned about the most are Will Clark, Robin Ventura, Andre Dawson, and Dale Murphy.

Let me first say that I have not quit the TTM game.  I am simply in a holding pattern until I can clear some funds and focus more on that part of my collection.  Lately, the autographed books I have acquired(Strawberry, Bench, and a very special one that is on it’s way back to me) have tapped my funds and prevented me from accumulating more cards to use for through the mail autograph hunting.  I have also run out of baseballs(currently I have 4 out there) to send out so when I say that my available items are tapped, they really are!!

But don’t worry, I have a laundry list of players I want to go after.  I am working on re-budgeting my available funds(I call it my hobby allowance) so I can  put some more time and energy into the hobby of TTM.  I have been following the blogs Autographed Cards,2008 Topps Set Blog, and OMG Autos and find their successes to be inspiring for the autograph collector.   I’ll just be living vicariously through them until I can gather up enough cards to start sending more out too.  And I still track how the TTM community is doing via www.sportsgraphing.com.

Soon enough my mailbox will start to look like this again(fingers crossed) and I will be sharing all of my successes with you!!!


‘The Fish’ Net 2 All-Star Selections!!!

Hanley Ramirez and Josh Johnson of the Florida Marlins have been named as selections to the National League team in the 2009 All-Star game!!!

Hanley will make his 2nd appearance in the All-star game as he continues to prove that he is one of the most talented offensive players in the sport.  He heads into the break with a .346 batting average alongside 14 home runs, 60 RBI, and 12 stolen bases.  It’s a well deserved start for Hanley and it’s nice to see him getting the respect he deserves over other shortstops in the NL that are playing for major market cities.

Hanley 2

Joshn Johnson’s selection as a pitcher for the NL squad is very special.  Johnson is clearly the best pitcher in the team’s rotation and he has been spectacular since returning from Tommy John surgery late last year.  Armed with a 7-1 record, Johnson is arguably better now than he was prior to his surgery.  Johnson has a very low ERA of just 2.76 and he has struck out 97 batters so far this season while walking just 32.

josh johnson

A big ‘CONGRATULATIONS’ goes out to both Hanley Ramirez and Josh Johnson – our 2009 All-Stars!!!!

Go Fish!!!

New Video Feature Coming To ’30-YOC’ – ‘Celebrity First Pitch’

We’ve all been to games or seen on television when a celebrity is asked to throw out the ceremonial first pitch to start the ballgame.

I have found some great videos capturing these events and will be offering them up to you on the site as a regular feature. 

This should be fun as we will have famous people from film, television, music, and sports to entertain us, and maybe humiliate themselves in the process.

So stay tuned, as ‘Celebrity First Pitch’ is ready to fire!!!

baseball 2

1989 Donruss ‘Baseball’s Best’ Andre Dawson

This is the second of three of Donruss’ ‘Baseball’s Best’ cards I grabbed of Andre in a recent ‘oddball’ lot purchase.

I think what stands out most about this card is how much it is better than the regular base card from the 1989 Donruss set, which can be seen here.  While the base card is a nice one, the ‘Baseball’s Best’ version is much better.  The picture is lit perfectly and the swing Andre is ready to take looks like it will be a mighty one.

It’s too bad that Donruss held this photo for a special sub-set of cards rather than their base version – maybe a few more people would have been converted to their brand.

Oh well, I am thrilled to add this ‘oddball’ to my growing collection and I still have 1 more to show off to you soon…  Stay tuned!

89 Dawson

The Florida Marlins Get Their Revenge on the Pirates!!!

Finally, all of that built up emotion about the Pirates and how they started the Marlins’ losing ways back in April has eased up a bit.  Us Marlins fans, we’re an endangered breed, have been waiting to meet up with the Pirates for some time now.  You see, we’ve had revenge on our minds ever since that little series back in the first weeks of the season in which those Bucs swept us… 

Prior to that series, the Marlins were the talk of baseball and it was taken away from them rather abruptly by a scrappy Pirates team with nothing to lose and everything to prove.

Well, our next meeting has passed and the results were much more favorable for the guys in Teal & Black.

On Friday it didn’t start well as the Pirates jumped all of Chris Volstad early in the game.  Even with a scoring spree at the end of the contest, the Marlins were unable to dig themselves out of a hole and lost 7-4.  Things were not looking good for the home team…

But on Saturday ‘The Fish’ were able to turn it around and get out to an early lead and never look back.  Led by Hanley Ramirez’s first inning home run, the Marlins continued to pour on the offense throughout the game and take the win 5-3.  Andrew Miller put together a nice outing and Emilio Bonifacio and Han-Ram did what was needed to secure the team’s victory.

In Sunday’s ballgame the story was Ricky Nolasco.  Still kind of fresh off of a stint in the minors, Nolasco pitched the best game I have ever seen him throw.   While never the dominant guy that just mows down the opposition, Nolasco was sharp and allowed just 3 hits while collecting 12 K’s in an 8-inning effort.  The offense was sparked by solid base running and timely hits as the Marlins won the game 5-0 and took the series 2-1.

Finally we can put those Bucs in our rearview mirror now that ‘the sweep’ has been avenged!!!

Go Fish!!!

Pirates Marlins Baseball