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The Evolution Of My Collection – Part 4

Wow, where do I start with this post???

While the image below may look very similar to ones I have posted of my collection in the past, this one is quite a bit different.  It’s different because several of the collecting goals I have set out to complete have been accomplished.  Of note, my Dave Winfield collection is now done and the Rickey Henderson collection is just 1 card away from completion as well.  I have also finished the 2006 Fleer Cubs Greats of the Game subset and the 1983 Topps Super Veterans set too.  And while neither of these sets may be considered grand by other collectors, they are the reason I got back into collecting 11 months ago!!

The hobby has changed tremendously from the time I quit in my teens to when I rejoined my fellow collectors in 2008.  And while I have been hesitant to jump into the new products being mass produced by the millions, I have actually found that I like several of the new, modern designs I have found.  Yet, the reason I still collect today the way I did when I was a kid is that my love for the guys I cheered and rooted for on a daily basis back in the 1980’s and 90’s still means the world to me. 

So, for me I will continue to honor them and buy their cards and post images and stories about them on this blog.


Here is a specific breakdown of what you are seeing in the above picture.

Starting with the box on the left is my Cubs card box.  Row 1, extreme left, is my Billy Williams, Fergie Jenkins, Ernie Banks, Greg Maddux, Mark Grace, and 2006 Greats of the Game set.  The center row is the end of my Andre Dawson collection which includes all of my game-used cards, certified autos, and In-person signed cards.  Row 3, extreme right is the start of my Andre Dawson collection with each new card in a top-loader followed by any doubles which are stored in penny sleeves.

The cards in the forefront all loaded in top-loaders are my TTM successes.  This collection has really taken on some volume in 2009, even though the last few months have been bone dry!!!

The box on the far left includes the remainder of my collection.  Row 1, on the left, holds my extra top loaders and my Florida Marlins cards of Cameron Maybin, Hanley Ramirez, and Dan Uggla.  The center row is my Rickey Henderson collection, followed by Dave Winfield, and then the 1983 Topps Super Veteran subset.  The last row of the box houses everything else that I have obtained in the last 11 months.  Random rookie cards of my favorite players from the 1980’s and 90’s along with the bunches of Reggie Jackson and Eddie Murray cards that I have scooped up.

So, there you have it.  The evolution of my collection continues to take form and take us on an nice and enjoyable ride as we look back at some of the biggest superstars in baseball from my youth.

I hope you are enjoying my collection as much as I am enjoying sharing it with you.  Thanks.

Celebrity First Pitch – President George W. Bush

What better way to kick off this series of ‘Celebrity First Pitch’ videos than with our former Commander-In-Chief and baseball super-fan, George W. Bush.

He’s actually one of the better ones at getting the ball over the plate too…

A Pair Of 1982 Lee Smith Rookie Cards

With all of the recent talk about Mariano Rivera and his 500th career save over the last few weeks, my heart went back to another guy who deserves a lot more credit than he ever gets – Mr. Lee Smith!!

Before the flash of K-Rod.  Or the emotion of Jonathan Papelbon.  There was Lee Smith.  Smith currently ranks in 3rd place on the All-time save list with 478 career closes.  His resume includes being a 7-time All-star boasting a 3.03 ERA with 1,251 strikeouts and 486 walks. 

Had it not been for the fact that most of Smith’s career was played for non-playoff teams in smaller markets, no-one knows what kind of superstar he could have become…

I grabbed these 2 Lee Smith rookie cards for $1.00 and am very proud to add them to my collection of ‘Favorite Cubbies’.  While neither card is worthy of an award due to beauty and design, they have earned a great spot in my collection.  Now I need to find that ’82 Topps card to finish off this little rookie trifecta!!!