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Andre Dawson Cards – The ‘Micro-Mini’s’

In this large ‘oddball’ lot of Andre Dawson cards I picked up recently in an Ebay auction, out popped these three mini cads featuring ‘The Hawk’.

I was out of the collecting hobby when these cards were released so I don’t know much about them.  I have placed them next to a regular sized card to give you an idea of exactly how small these guys really are.

While I am pretty sure that cards were not issued in packs of this size, I have to guess that these are some type of insert.  The graphic designs match the base sets for these years that these were issued.  2/3 photos used on these smaller versions are the same as the regular base version – while the ’92 Donruss mini has a new picture for us.

Dawson mini

If anyone can offer up a little more info on these mini cards, I would be appreciative!!!  Thanks.

Celebrity First Pitch – Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg is one of my favorite actors.  I would easily place in him in my Top 5 of actors in the game right now…  His ability to get into character for so many different types of roles is something I find to be pretty rare for an actor his age, especially one that got into acting ‘late’.

Of them all, my favorite film he has been in is ‘The Perfect Storm’.  Wahlberg played his character perfectly, and the ensemble cast led us on a memorable journey throughout the movie.

With all of that being said, this first pitch by Mark Wahlberg at a recent Red Sox game is rather embarrassing.  For someone that is in tip-top physical condition, I(and he too) would have expected a little better performance in front of his home crowd.

You’ve been warned…

Did You Know…

Joe Dimaggio is the only person to play on four world championship teams in his first four years in the big leagues, for the 1936-39 New York Yankees.

Joe D

**factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’