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The Florida Marlins Are Poised To Make A Run At The Phillies!!!

Now that the mid-point of the baseball season has passed us, it’s time to start looking at the true contenders for the divisional races.  

And as usual, the Florida Marlins have found a way to stay relevant and are right on the heels of the first place Philadelphia Phillies.  Just 4 games behind the leaders and two games ahead of the third place Atlanta Braves, the Marlins are in position to make another run at the NL East.

What better way to start the second half of the season than to play a 4-game set at home against the team you’re chasing.  The Marlins will start a series with the Phillies on Thursday and this could be the one that makes or breaks our year.  And although you never know what you’re going to get from a team coming off of an extended break, the Marlins are young and hungry which should play to their advantage.

Depending on how this series plays out, we could be looking at a tie for the NL East leader spot after the weekend.  Or ‘The Fish’ could be 8 games out and falling fast.  

I cannot wait to see how this one plays out.  GO FISH!!! 


Celebrity First Pitch – President Barack Obama

Fresh video from last night’s All-Star game in St. Louis.

I don’t know why the President rushed through this moment the way that he did. 

Those of us watching at home didn’t get to see too much as the camera person was not ready for how quickly President Barack Obama  was going to throw out this pitch.  At least with this camera angle we see that he did indeed hit the target fairly well…

The Slowest Day In Sports…

It’s finally here.  The slowest day in sports hits us each year one day after baseball’s All-star game. 

There is literally nothing going on today.  And there will be nothing going on tonight either….

You see, there are just 2 days in the calendar year in which the major sports have no games scheduled.  These 2 days happen to be the day before and the day after the Major League Baseball All-star game.  At least during the day before we get to enjoy the almost always entertaining Home Run Derby.  But the day after is terrible.  There is no baseball; no basketball; no hockey; no football; no wrestling; no MMA; no golf; no tennis – I think you get my point.

So do what you have to do today to get through it.  Thankfully a day like this only hits us once a year!!!

Carl Crawford Wins The All-Star Game MVP Award For ‘Kevin’!!!

Congratulations go out to Kevin who correctly predicted that Rays’ outfielder Carl Crawford would win the All-Star Game’s MVP  award!!!

All-Star Baseball 

Kevin – You get your choice of any two of the cards featured below.  Please make your selections and email them and your shipping address to me at bapple2286@hotmail.com.  Congrats!!!!


Thanks to everyone that participated in this contest.  Stay tuned for another one in August with another great give away!!!