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Results : Ernie Banks Book Signing!!!

Right before Father’s Day I saw that the good people at Harry Caray’s restaurant were having a book signing event with none other than Cubs ‘Super-Legend’ Ernie Banks(you may have heard of him, some people call him ‘Mr. Cub’)!!!  It took a bit too long to get this back from the signing, but that bad taste was quickly erased when I cracked open the book and saw Ernie’s message to me!!

With the incredible baseball stars that have worn the Cubbie uniform over the years no star shines brighter than Banks’.  And even with the incredible roster of Hall of Fame and All-Star players that the Cubs have called their own, Banks is still far and away the most popular Cub of all-time.

Of course I jumped at this chance to get his autograph and pick up another book to read too.

The book, “HooDoo – Unraveling the 100-Mystery of the Chicago Cubs”, looks like it will be an interesting one to read through.  With tales going as far back as the late 1800’s, the book shares stories and photos from the Cubs’ amazing successes and gut-wrenching failures.

The Book:

Banks 1

And, the signature:

Banks 2

Banks 3

Thank you to the great people at Harry Caray’s restaurant for hosting this event.  This perfect autograph has found a very special place in my collection!!

The Biggest Error Card Since Billy Ripken’s Famous ‘F*&K Face’ Card???

I cannot believe that Topps did this.  And I cannot believe that I am the first blogger to catch this one!!!

What you see below is a 2008 Topps baseball card of Tony Gwynn.  Now I have no idea why Topps would issue a card of a player that retired way back in 2001, but they did and it’s a HUGE error on their part. 


But the mistakes don’t stop there.  In fact, they errors keep piling up!!!

First off, Tony Gwynn never played for the Milwaukee Brewers.  He only played for one team during the course of his 20-year career – the San Diego Padres.  And the autograph facsimile that Topps stuck on  the front of the card looks nothing like Mr Gwynn’s signature. 

I just cannot believe that Topps would make such a mistake.  I have searched through over 100 sports card related blogs in the last 24 hours in hopes to see that someone else discovered what I am calling ‘The Billy Ripken of the 21st Century’.  And not one person, not one of you has found this error prior to me.  This is truly amazing as I am not even a collector of the modern day stuff.  I know Tony Gwynn, and I loved watching him play, but surely there is at least one person out there that would have spotted this before me.

This is a proud moment at ’30-YOC’.  I am off to the post office to send my certified letter to Topps – wait until they get a load of this.  I see a feature article in Beckett in my near future!!!


Celebrity First Pitch – Kevin Garnett

A fan favorite and one of the greatest NBA players over the last 20 years, Kevin Garnett is a lock for the NBA Hall of Fame.

So why not embrace your new city and throw out the first pitch at one of baseball’s legendary ballparks?  Go Get ‘Em KG!!!

Bring It On Pedro!!!

So now that it’s official and Pedro Martinez has signed a contract with the Phillies, I was eager to see just how quickly he might suit up and take the mound for the reigning champions.  And although he is not shown as a probable starter during the 4-game series against the Marlins, I am keeping my fingers crossed that the schedule changes as I really want to see ‘The Fish’ get a hold of him.

I will admit that I am not a fan of Pedro Martinez.  I would prefer his brother, Ramon, during his prime over ‘Pete’ any day.  With that being said, Martinez did put together some incredible seasons a decade ago and if he can come close to regaining any of that form the Phillies have made a nice move that should help them out during the second half of the season as they work to defend their World Series championship.

Phillies Martinez Baseball