Bring It On Pedro!!!

So now that it’s official and Pedro Martinez has signed a contract with the Phillies, I was eager to see just how quickly he might suit up and take the mound for the reigning champions.  And although he is not shown as a probable starter during the 4-game series against the Marlins, I am keeping my fingers crossed that the schedule changes as I really want to see ‘The Fish’ get a hold of him.

I will admit that I am not a fan of Pedro Martinez.  I would prefer his brother, Ramon, during his prime over ‘Pete’ any day.  With that being said, Martinez did put together some incredible seasons a decade ago and if he can come close to regaining any of that form the Phillies have made a nice move that should help them out during the second half of the season as they work to defend their World Series championship.

Phillies Martinez Baseball

3 responses to “Bring It On Pedro!!!

  1. I’m a Pedro fan too… I really liked him. He brings a certain attitude to a team. However, I’m not sure this is a good match for him in that really small ball park. I hope he does well.

  2. Pedro cannot make a start until at least August – 15 day DL restriction. I did hear in will be in FLA to meet his new teammates, but he will not pitch.

    I would think he will have at least 3 starts in the minors and likely start vs the Giants the first wkend in August.

  3. Im excited to see him pitch. I think he will help the Phillies big time.

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