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1987 Headline : ‘Mattingly’s Home Run Streak Ends At 8 Games!!!’

One of the more meaningful records I have seen since becoming a baseball fan as a young kid is the 8-game home run streak by Don Mattingly set during the 1987 baseball season.  At that time, my interest in baseball was booming and my collection of baseball cards was the center of my extra-curricular activities.

That streak was immense primarily because prior to that I had really only seen Mattingly as a hitter for average.  That streak taught me that any one at any time with the talent level of a Don Mattingly, which is very rare, can accomplish great things.  It was a nice life lesson to learn as a 12-year old boy, and this streak is still the first thing I think of when someone mentions ‘Donnie Baseball’ to me.

Here is a recap of that incredible ride that Mattingly took us on:

HR #1 – July 8, 1987 in the 1st inning off of Mike Smithson

HR #2 – July 8, 1987 in the 6th inning off of Juan Berenguer

HR #3 – July 9, 1987 in the 6th inning off of Richard Dotson

HR #4 – July 10, 1987 in the 2nd inning off of Joel McKeon

HR #5 – July 11, 1987 in the 3rd inning off of Jose DeLeon

HR #6 – July 12, 1987 in the 7th inning off of Jim Winn

HR #7 – Juy 16, 1987 in the 2nd inning off of Charlie Hough

HR #8 – July 16, 1987 in the 8th inning off of Mitch Williams

HR #9 – July 17, 1987 in the 6th inning off of Paul Kilgus

HR #10 – July 18, 1987 in the 4th inning off of Jose Guzman

Man that streak is impressive!!  Even today, there are few players that could get on a roll like this.  10 home runs in 8 games!!!

87 mattingly

Celebrity First Pitch – Matthew McConaughey

What can you say about this guy? 

Matthew McConaughey is one of those guys you’d like to hang out with if given the chance.  An off-beat character with a ‘hippie-like’ lifestyle, I could envision sharing some pretty hilarious stories while sitting at a restaurant by the ocean with a few buckets of empty Corona’s at the table.  He’s just that kind of guy…

And here he is throwing out the first pitch prior to the start of a Los Angeles Dodgers ballgame…  Enjoy!

Happy Anniversary Willie Mays!!

On this day in 1970, Willie Mays collected the 3,000th hit of his baseball career.

At Candlestick Park battling against the Montreal Expos, Mays entered the game with 2,999 career hits and was looking to make history in front of his home crowd.  In his first at-bat in the first inning Mays drew a walk.  But then in the bottom of the second Mays connected for a single and made history as he joined the 3,000 hits club.  The hit came off of Expos’ pitcher Mike Wegener, whose career lasted just 2 seasons.  For the game, Mays went 2-for-3 with a run scored and an RBI.

This is just one of the many milestones that Willie Mays conquered during the course of his amazing Hall of Fame career.  One of the sport’s most decorated players, Mays’ all around skills led him into many elite groups in baseball history – and the 3,000 hits club is certainly near the top of that list!!!

Congratulations Willie Mays!! 


Happy Birthday Mike Greenwell!!!

Mike ‘Gator’ Greenwell turns 46 years old today.

A Red Sox favorite during the late 1980’s and into the 90’s, Mike Greenwell is one of the rare players that spent his entire career with one team during baseball’s biggest spike of free agent activity.  Loyalty is a commendable trait and the faithful Red Sox fans still hold Mike Greenwell as one of their favorites.

During his best season as a professional baseball player, Greenwell took the sport by storm.  In 1988 ‘Gator’ hit .325 while collecting 192 hits.  In that year he also smashed 22 home runs, collected 119 RBI, scored 86 runs, and stole 16 bases.  And amazingly with 693 plate appearances during that break-out season, Greenwell struck out just 38 times!!!  ‘Gator’ finished in 2nd place for the MVP award that year, and had it not been for a certain player setting a new baseball standard of 40 home runs and 40 stolen bases in a season, Mike Greenwell would have been a unanimous selection as the league’s best player.

For Greenwell’s birthday I would like to give him a few more years in the big leagues.  He had some amazing statistical seasons and if he had stayed around and played in Boston for a few more seasons we could be looking at another member of the 2,500 hits club and 1,000 RBI club.

Happy Birthday Mike Greenwell!!!