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Groudbreaking Pics From The Future Home Of The Florida Marlins

This event was open to the public and I am kind of kicking myself for not making more of an effort to try to attend.  This is the first ‘real’ step when it comes to the construction of the Marlins’ new home.  Just 32 months from now construction will be done and we will be able to enjoy baseball during the 2012 season in this state-of-the-art baseball stadium.

Here are a few pics from today’s groundbreaking ceremony:






I heard on the local sports radio station, 790 The Ticket, that Charlie Hough and Benito Santiago were on hand to throw out and catch the first ‘official’ pitch today.  I am dying to find a picture of that and when I do I will share it with all of you.

Would You Like Fries With Your Andre Dawson Baseball Card???

Below is a card issued in 1992 by Topps for McDonald’s.  Like many other national retailers, McD’s tried to jump on the bandwagon of baseball card collecting and use this set as a tool to keep kids coming to their restaurants.  Did it work?  I have no clue.  But the cards look great…

Topps really did a nice job with the design of this card.  We have seen many times when cards with Black borders do not hold up, like the 1971 Topps set.  But that is not the case with this 1992 issue.  The dark border allows for the other colors used in the design to really pop.  And the Yellow which I assume was used to represent the same color as McDonald’s famous arches creates a nice border around a large picture.

With this Andre Dawson card, the full body action shot of Andre as he prepares to take a mighty swing looks great.  The Gold accents add a little brightness to the card but also make the text hard to read.

Another great, new addition to my Andre Dawson player collection!!! 

Dawson McD

Celebrity First Pitch – Mariah Carey

This borders on ridiculous…. 

Anywhere else and this outfit that Mariah is wearing may be acceptable.  But on a baseball diamond it just doesn’t work…

She’s a stunner, but the whole ‘innocent girl’ role she tries to play is a little sad…

Did You Know…

When his team topped the Diamondbacks 10-1 on April 30, 2002, Mets’ pitcher Al Leiter became the first pitcher to beat all 30 major league teams.


** factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’

My take – Just another reason to love Al Leiter!!