Celebrity First Pitch – Darth Vader

 Jeez, and I thought Allen Iverson traveled with a large entourage.  He’s got nothing on Darth Vader!!!  When asked to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a minor league game, Vader made sure to bring his posse which includes several of his closest storm trooper buddies…  There is no way that these guys would have gotten past security at a major league ballpark!!

He’s probably going to have to take his robe to the dry cleaners now, clay stains!!!

6 responses to “Celebrity First Pitch – Darth Vader

  1. I was at that game with Dave from Goose Joak Originals. It was in Lincoln, Nebraska. Nice find!

  2. Zach- in the begining of the clip you see Chewbacca standing on the right hand side of third base. What was he doing there???

  3. I have no idea, it was kind of a strange event. It was Star Wars night and almost all of the characters were from the Empire. There was one wookie and a couple of R2D2 droids. Sorry I can’t give you a better answer.

    If you want, I can send you some photos from the event.

  4. The craziest part about the whole deal was that this group calls themselves something like the 501 Legoinaires. They have over 2000 members stretched out over the upper midwest and they make their own costumes.

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