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My Email To Peter Gammons

Jersey retirement has been on my mind constantly over the last two months.  I started to think about it quite often once the Cubs retired the #31 of Fergie Jenkins and Greg Maddux.  But my fascination with one of baseball’s greatest honors did not start there.  During the infancy stages of this blog I wrote an entry about why I think the Chicago Cubs should retire #17 which was worn by Mark Grace.  And during ‘Andre Dawson Day’, I blogged about his Expos jersey that had been retired and is now unfortunately meaningless.  Just this past week, the Atlanta Braves retired Greg Maddux’s jersey and the Oakland A’s are making plans to retire Rickey Henderson’s jersey in just a few short weeks.

So that has all led me up to this.  Last month Wade Boggs celebrated his birthday and the ‘gift’ he received from ’30-YOC’ was to finally get his jersey retired by the Boston Red Sox.  To be quite honest, I was shocked that this had not already occurred and it has been on my mind ever since.

I set out to get answers and below is my email to baseball’s ‘Answer Man’ Peter Gammons.  If I hear back from him, I will be sure to publish the results for you here.


Have a burning baseball question? Ask Peter Gammons. ESPN’s baseball guru answers users’ questions through this mailbox. His answers are posted on his Web site and on other related ESPN.com pages. Use the form below to ask a question — keep it short and clean, and check back to see if it’s answered! Your question:

 Hi Peter- Can you provide any insight as to why the Red Sox have not retired Wade Boggs’ jersey? Thank you.


Celebrity First Pitch – Dwyane Wade

 Does it get any better than the Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade throwing out the first pitch to Marlin’s superstar Hanley Ramirez???  I don’t think so!!!

While I don’t condone the antics of Dwyane Wade in regards to his methods of sending message’s to the Heat’s front office about his future, I do admire his desire to win.  He appears to want to win so badly that he won’t re-sign with our team until they make moves to ensure a potential run at another title.  While this is commendable, it also shows his immaturity as he has been sending quite a few messages through the media outlets around town.  While it won’t tarnish anything he has done on the court, he’s one of the game’s best players, it certainly doesn’t help his public image.

Best of luck to Dwyane and the Heat during the upcoming season – I hope the 2 sides can iron out their differences and focus on making this team a contender again!!!  LET’S GO HEAT!!!

1993 Topps Black Gold – Andre Dawson

This has quickly become one of my favorite Andre Dawson cards.  The 1993 Topps Black Gold design is not too spectacular, but their choice for bold color leaves a lasting impression on this collector!!

The idea of using a solid Black background which covers 70% of the card’s design is not something many card companies would be tempted to try.  But with the Stark-White outline around Andre’s image on the card, it really allows for his picture to leap off of the cardboard.  The Gold accents on both the top and bottom of the card really seal the deal on this one as they add just enough sparkle to draw your eye, but not too much as to take away from the centerpiece of the action photo of Andre.

Topps did a great job on this one!!  Way to go!!!

Dawson Black Gold

More Pics And A VIDEO From The Braves’ Greg Maddux Jersery Retirement Ceremony…

As promised, here are more pictures from the big day in Atlanta.  Enjoy!!!

maddux 3

maddux 4

maddux 5

maddux 6

And a SWEET video too!!!