Happy Birthday Nomar Garciaparra!!!

Nomar Garciaparra turns 36 years old today!!

I have been racking my brain for the last few days trying to remember a rookie that has impressed me as much as Nomar Garciaparra did during his rookie campaign in 1997.  And to be honest, if it wasn’t for Jerome Walton’s amazing year in 1989, I would say that Nomar’s rookie year is the most impressive one I have ever been witness to.

In the ’97 season, Nomar took the baseball world by storm.  He collected 209 hits while ending the year with a .306 average.  He belted 30 home runs, collected 98 RBI, and scored 122 times.  He was also able to amass 44 doubles, steal 22 bases, and amazingly show enough patience as a hot-hitting rookie to strike out just 92 times.  That season was certainly Nomar’s most highly decorated one too.  He was an American League All-star and he won the Silver Slugger award, finished in 8th place for the MVP, and was the league’s Rookie Of The Year award winner.

The sky was the limit for Nomar and over the next 6 seaons, he finished in the Top 7 for the MVP award five times. 

For his birthday, I would like to give Nomar one more chance in a Red Sox uniform.  I’d love to see a player with his spirit compete in the playoffs and battle against the league’s best teams.  Something tells me that he would do just fine!!!

Happy Birthday Nomar!!!


2 responses to “Happy Birthday Nomar Garciaparra!!!

  1. The reason it seemed so explosive is because he was on steroids. This guy’s a total fraud, front and center on the Mitchell report.

  2. nomar wasn’t named in the mitchell report. he did play in the playoffs for the dodgers last year and had some pretty painful at bats against lidge.

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