Shutting Down ‘The Maybin-Meter’

It comes with a heavy heart that I have decided to shut down the ‘Maybin-Meter’.  With what was once a fun way to track Cameron Maybin’s journey through his first full baseball season as a major league player, it has become a lot less enjoyable since his demotion to AAA ball.  While I still check the Zephyrs’ box score on a daily basis to see how Cam is doing, it has become very hard to get stories and pictures to enjoy and pass along to you.

Cameron has really turned it on as of late and has raised his batting average well over 100 points in the last 8 weeks.  His skills are being sharpened and he has become quite a valuable piece of the team for the Zephyrs.  And while all of this is happening, it just isn’s as exciting to witness from afar when there is no video of his play and very few pictures.

I wish Cameron Maybin the best of luck and I hope to see him again soon in a Marlins uniform.  It would be wonderful if he could help the team this year, but with no glaring need for a center fielder at the current moment I think seeing him again in South Florida may have to wait until next Spring.

Best of luck Cam.  This fan wished you a bright, bright future!!!


But don’t fret, I am just making more time for some new ideas for ’30-YOC’ that I want to share with you.  Like Maybin, I too am sharpening my skills and hope to debut these new ideas with a BANG!!!

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