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Today Belongs To Rickey Henderson!!!

No disrespect meant to any of the other players getting enshrined into Cooperstown today, but when you’re sharing the stage with a player that has the skill and personality that Rickey Henderson has, you will get overshadowed quite often.

Rickey is by far and away one of the most talented players to have played this game.  With a skill level that has been matched by few, Henderson’s game had very few flaws.  His ability to change the game with his hitting, his base running, his defense, his challenging the opposing pitchers – all of those incredible skills are what made Rickey fun to watch.

As he gained his official entry into Baseball’s Hall of Fame this afternoon, I have to say that it was pure joy to watch him play the game.  At times(quite a few) I really did feel like I was watching and cheering for a player whose talents will never be matched.  And while never is a very long time from now, I have yet to see another guy come close to capturing what Rickey Henderson was able to do on a baseball field.

Congratulations Mr. Henderson – A spectacular career by anyone’s standards!!!


1992 Headline : Nolan Ryan K’s 100 Or More Batters For 23rd Straight Year

Truly amazing!!!  What a testament to Nolan Ryan’s ability to dominate and stay healthy for such a long time period.

While Nolan Ryan rarely gets mentioned in the conversation of the game’s greatest pitchers, he should definitely be considered when it comes to the game’s most dominant.  Ryan’s ability to overpower batters year after year during his 27 year stay as a major league pitcher is phenomenal.  It says a lot about his character, his drive, and his dedication to himself and the game.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Ryan.  You are 1-of-a-kind!!!

74 Ryan

Happy Anniversary Billy Williams!!

It was 22 years ago today that your election to Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame became official.

While today belongs to Rickey Henderson, I will still take a few moments out of my day to remember how special of a player you were!!!

Happy Anniversary Mr. Williams – we still love you!!!

BW plaque

Celebrity First Pitch – Derek Fisher

Derek Fisher is one of the classiest guys you will find in the NBA.  A true ‘workhorse’, Fisher has been a solid contributor over the span of his career and he has helped lead the Los Angeles Lakers to 4 NBA championship titles.

It’s only fitting that he has had the chance to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a Los Angeles Dodgers game!!!