The ‘Ultimate Rickey Henderson Super-Fan’ Goes To Cooperstown!!!

If you have yet to meet Brad and visit his website ‘Rickey Henderson Collectibles’, now is the best time to get out there and check out his site.  And if you have met Brad through the blogging world, you will really enjoy the amazing weekend of events he is covering while at the Baseball Hall of Fame to see the enshrinement of Rickey Henderson.

For starters, Brad went on a shopping spree at the official store of the Hall of Fame and has shown us some of the amazing Rickey Henderson memorabilia for sale in Cooperstown.  He found some great stuff and has showcased that here.

From there, Brad went to a press conference featuring Rickey and Jim Rice.  This is a pre-election conference and Brad had some pretty good seats and captures nice video of the event.  You can view all 3 video clips of that here.

Another amazing event that Brad attended was the Annual Golf Classic featuring many of the game’s Hall of Fame members.  Brad was able to snap some amazing photos of our favorite players of the 1980’s from this outing.  So if you want to see some pretty sweet and candid pics of guys like Ozzie Smith, Wade Boggs, Mike Schmidt, and many more while playing golf click here.

Lastly,  Brad was also able to secure some pretty good seats to the post-induction Q&A and he has 7 clips of Rickey discussing his baseball career and Hall of Fame induction here.

All in all, a great job of reporting by Brad.  Be sure to check out his blog as I know he will have some amazing stories and pictures from the ‘Big Day’ on his site very soon!! 

Brad, Thanks for sharing!!!!

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3 responses to “The ‘Ultimate Rickey Henderson Super-Fan’ Goes To Cooperstown!!!

  1. I don’t really have the wrods to describe how cool this blog topic is nor how cool Brad’s pictures turned out. A special thanks to both Brian and Brad for sharing! Henderson is one of my all time favorites. Thanks guys!

  2. Thanks for all of the kind words Brian! This wekend has definitely been incredible, and has exceeded even my highest expectations. I took some shots of Billy Williams especially for you, and once I find them, I’ll send them along.

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