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Andre Dawson Game-Used Memorabilia Card #2

I recently scooped up 4 more Andre Dawson Game-Used memorabilia cards at a combined price of just over $9.00 with shipping included.  This is card #2 from that purchase.

This card features a very large slice of bat from the 2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Baseball set.  The card is numbered 240 of 350 and has a great overall look.  While the design is a little lax in originality, it certainly is made up for it’s efforts with a great picture of Andre and a nice hunk of wood.  In fact, the piece of bat used on this card is so large that it should be tagged as an ‘Andre Dawson Shim’.

Dawson GU 2

Celebrity First Pitch – Anthony Keidis

Red Hot Chili Peppers front-man Anthony Keidis makes quick work of his opportunity to throw out the first pitch prior to the start of a Los Angeles Dodgers home game.  And although the ball was well out of the strike zone, he was able to reach the catcher pretty easily which is more than we can say for some fellow rockers…

Oh, and for the record, my favorite song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers is ‘Scar Tissue’.

Doug Dascenzo Autograph TTM Success!!!

You may not know Doug Dascenzo.  But if you are a Cubs fan,  you definitely know him!!!   It took Doug 122 days to return these two cards back to me but for a guy like him I consider it to be worth the wait.

Let me try to paint a picture for those of you who don’t remember Dascenzo as a major league player.  Doug is Lenny Dykstra without the personality.  He is Steve Tasker of the Buffalo Bills.  Doug is the guy diving after each and every loose ball.  He’s the one that would put his body on the line for each play of the game as if that was going to be the play to decide who wins and who goes home a loser.  Doug was the ‘dirty’ guy; his uniform was clean only when it was first put on.

Doug Dascenzo’s numbers are not worth mentioning.  He was not a stellar player, and he will not be tagged as one of the greatest Cubs players of all-time.  But if you ask anyone that cheered for the Cubs during the late 1980’s and into the 1990’s about him I guarantee a smile will cross their face.  Doug Dascenzo was a hard working player that played the game with joy and energy.

I am thrilled to add these autographs to my collection!!  Thank you Mr. Dascenzo!!!

Dascenzo TTM

My Rickey Henderson ‘Fab 5′ – Card #4

Now that my Rickey Henderson player collection is complete I wanted to take the time to show off my favorite 5 cards from this set.

Card #4 – 1987 Topps

Ok, so the 1987 Topps set is a constant reminder of the 1962 version.  And I believe that ‘Night Owl’ calls this the wood laminate set.  And I’m cool with that too…  You see, the ’87 Topps design really brings me back to my days of collecting as a kid.  If I had to create a tally of all of the wax packs that I ripped through in my youth I firmly believe that 1987 Topps would be at the top of that list.  And while the card’s design is not the greatest of the decade put out by Topps, I have a very strong bond with this set.

The Rickey Henderson card in this set is perfect.  The action photo of Rickey in his Yankees uniform as he rips through the pitcher’s offering is strong and bold.  The Red and White in the Yankees logo and in the nameplate on the bottom of the card really compliment the ‘wood grain’ design and add a nice element of color.  While I wish that we could see the entire length of the bat in this shot, you are still able to get a good visual as to just how strong Rickey was at the plate.  Although smaller in stature than many of his teammates and opponents, Henderson’s strong legs and powerful core made him a monster at the plate. 

The 1987 Topps card captures that perfectly with this card!!!

Fab 4