Cooperstown : Looking Ahead To 2010

With thoughts of Cooperstown fresh on my brain, I thought it would be worth examining who is up for potential election into the Hall of Fame in 2010.  Per the HOF website, here is that list.

2010:Roberto Alomar, Barry Larkin, Robin Ventura, Edgar Martinez, Fred McGriff, Kevin Appier, Ellis Burks, Ray Lankford, Pat Hentgen, Todd Zeile, Eric Karros, Mark McLemore, Andres Galarraga, Fernando Vina, Mike Jackson, Shane Reynolds, Dave Burba, David Segui, Andy Ashby

Of this group of guys there are 6 guys worthy of consideration, with 4 that should get some serious attention.  Those 6 players are: Alomar, Larkin, Ventura, Martinez, McGriff, and Galarraga.  And with no disrespect meant towards the outstanding careers of Robin Ventura and Edgar Martinez, their career achievements are not on par with players enshrined into the Hall of Fame.

So that leaves us with 4 guys.  4 guys that had remarkable careers.  4 guys that should get some major vote counts thrown their way.

Here is a Breakdown:

Roberto Alomar – 2,724 hits, 1,508 runs scored, 210 home runs, 1,134 RBI, 474 stolen bases, .300 batting average, 12 time all-star, 10 Gold Glove awards, 4 Silver Slugger trophies, 2 World Series championships


Barry Larkin – 2,340 hits, 1,329 runs scored, 198 home runs, 960 RBI, 379 stolen bases, .295 batting average, 12 time all-star, 3 Gold Glove awards, 9 Silver Slugger trophies, 1 MVP award, 1 World Series championship


Fred McGriff – 2,490 hits, 1,349 runs scored, 493 home runs, 1,550 RBI, 72 stolen bases, .284 batting average, 5 time all-star, 3 Silver Slugger trophies, 1 World Series championship


Andres Galarraga – 2,333 hits, 1,195 runs scored, 399 home runs, 1,425 RBI, 128 stolen bases, .288 batting average, 5 time all-star, 2 Gold Glove awards, 2 Silver Slugger trophies


In summary, I think that 3 of these 4 guys will get in.  Sadly I don’t think that Galarraga will be in that group.  My guess is that Barry Larkin will get the most votes of this rookie class of 2010, but I don’t see him as a first ballot kind of player.  Alomar on the other hand is a first ballot kind of guy, but his on and off the field problems are what people remember first about his career so I think he may have to wait a few years before he gets in.  And McGriff is worthy of a spot too, I just don’t see him getting un until a few other key guys go before him, notably Andre Dawson, Barry Larkin, Bert Blyleven, Tim Raines, and Roberto Alomar.

Your thoughts???

9 responses to “Cooperstown : Looking Ahead To 2010

  1. I think next year will be the year that Blyleven and Dawson get in. I don’t see any of these players getting in on the first ballot, but McGriff, Alomar, and Larkin will eventually be elected. Tim Raines may also see a large increase in his support.

  2. Yes this is the list of first time eligibles only correct??

    It should be noted that Galarraga lost a couple of years of his career while battling cancer – so his numbers could have been even better.

    Also I think Edgar is worthy of consideration. 22nd all time on the OBP list (only 2 HOF eligible players with a higher OBP are not in the Hall)

  3. I reaaly hope that the Big Cat gets in there some time…. I use to love watching him play…. what a great hitter!

    Also Roberto Alomar first time vote into the hall, I really didn’t care for him to much but you gotta give him his dues…. The guy was one of the best from our time to play 2nd base, doesn’t have the power numbers but the 10 gold gloves looks pretty damn good!

  4. I must start by saying that I am an HOF elitist. I am sour on the whole HOF. Just because next year’s first year eligible guys are weak, older eligibles might get in.
    Of those 1st year guys, I only see Alomar as an HOFer. The others were excellent players, just not HOFers to me. I’d rather no guys go in one year than have unworthy guys get in.

  5. Andre Dawson is about the only guarantee next year. None of the newbies are.

    Of the new guys, Alomar is the best. Larkin seems to get a lot of love now that he’s eligible, but during his playing career and after, I heard a lot about how overrated he was.

  6. In my mind McGriff needed to get to the magic 500 number. Alomar was too much of a jerk to get the votes. Really I think Larkin would be the only one with a shot, but I don’t see it happening.

    That being said, none of them should get a vote until Dawson gets in. It is criminal it took the writers this long to get Rice in and they are still waiting on Andre. I saw a list of the vote Breakdown about 2-3 years ago when only one pitcher got in…can’t remember who. But anyways some writer voted for Travis Fryman. There should be a rule that if you vote for a guy that gets less than 1% of the votes that you lose your voter card. Banned for life from voting.

  7. I would love to see McGriff get in!! Not sure if Larkin will ever make it… Alomar went out on a pretty bad note but I think he will still get elected. As far as the Big Cat no I don’t think he will. Brian, if Dawson gets voted in I say we make the trip 🙂

  8. Dawson ,Blylevin and Alomar will be the class of 2010. Alomar is a no brainer 1st ballot.

  9. Robbie Alomar is a definite 1st time selection. His batting title/gold gloves, 2 world series rings and foundations and work with hospitals in Toronto make him the type of player worthy of induction. One overblown incidence with a power hungry ump does not ruin a great players career. Love to see the pride of Montreal, Andre Dawson, the big cat is as well>

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