Paul Molitor Autograph TTM Success!!!

149 days is not a terribly long time to wait for an autograph from a Hall of Fame baseball player.  Unless you’re standing on line of course…

I just got this Paul Molitor card in the mail and am thrilled with the results.   For some reason cards from the 1985 Fleer set look great signed and this one is no exception!!!

Molitor had an amazing 21-year career but seemed to remain under the radar due to playing for small market clubs.  Still, the Hall of Fame noticed, and rightfully so.  In 21 seasons as a major leaguer, Molitor collected 3319 hits, scored 1782 runs, smacked 234 homers, stole 504 bases, and compiled a .306 batting average.

Thank you for the great autograph Mr. Molitor.  This one easily ranks in my ‘Top 5’!!!!


2 responses to “Paul Molitor Autograph TTM Success!!!

  1. Not only is his signature kick a** so is the card..
    85 Fleer are becoming my favorite in appearance.

    Great job!

  2. Sorry to bother, but I am trying to do the same thing and I have a Paul Molitor card on my desk in front of me. Where did you send it?

    Thank you.

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