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Another Baseball Card Show This Weekend!!!

That’s right, the first weekend of the month is upon us which means that there is another baseball card show in South Florida.  And I’m going!!!

This time, I won’t waste any time wondering around aimlessly from table to table to check out the new vendors.  I’ve got a specific list of objectives and I am going to do my best to follow them to a ‘T’.

What are these goals you ask??  Well, here they are(in random order):

1 – Cody Ross cards.  Cody is doing an autograph appearance in the city I live in 2 weeks from now.  I don’t have a single card of his so I want to stock up.  It shouldn’t be too hard since he is a local player, but I want to get a nice handful so I can get a few signed and I have another idea for the rest of them.  My goal is to get between 20-25 Ross cards.

2 – If that $0.10 Bargain Bin guy is there again, I am going to give myself 1 hour to go through as much of his stuff as I can.  60 minutes of blitzing through as many of his 3,200 count card boxes as I can get through.  And my goal is simple – Gather up as many of his 1980’s superstars as I can find!!!

3 – I hew a renewed energy about TTM and want to give it another shot in the next few weeks.  My supply of cards for a project like this is terribly low so I plan on picking up some cards of the guys that I know will sign for me.  I’m going to stick to Marlins players and retired players for now.  I’ll hit the active guys again next Spring!!

4 – Wax.  Yep, you heard me Wax!!  I have a very strong urge to bust open some vintage wax packs.  As I have been surfing through all of the great blogs out there, I see so many people ripping open packs of cards at a record pace and I want to get in on the action.  But I want nothing to do with the new stuff.  If any dealers have wax packs or boxes from the 1980’s I will be doing what I can to secure some packs to bust open.

So there you have it.  A very short but specific list of goals for this card show.  The last one was overwhelming to me with it’s new found customer base and vendors.  This time I mean business and I cannot wait to get there.

Stay tuned to ’30-YOC’ on Monday as I will proudly display for you each and every card I pick up at the show!!!  Oh, and don’t be surprised if a few new Andre Dawson cards make it into my collection too..  😉

card show

1978 Topps Dale Murphy & Lance Parrish Rookie Card

1978 Topps Dale Murphy & Lance Parrish Rookie Card

 I had been hunting down this card for some time so I quickly scooped it up when I saw the $1.99 ‘Buy It Now’ price tag while doing a little Ebay shopping.

As a kid, one of my teams of choice was the Atlanta Braves.  When I lived in Florida, the first time around, there was no major league team but we got WTBS at the house so I learned a ton about the game by watching the Braves telecasts.  And of course during that time, the team’s biggest star was Dale Murphy so it was only natural to be drawn to him.

I guess this counts as his second rookie card since he is featured on a 1977 quad-image card also claiming him as a rookie too.  Don’t worry that one is in my sights as well and I will be sure to post about it when added to my collection. 

This ’78 is in really nice condition and for the low price I was very happy to see how well this card has been cared for over the last 30+ years!!!

Murphy & Parrish

And Lance Parrish ain’t too shabby either…

Celebrity First Pitch – Darryl Strawberry

Here’s Darryl, one of the biggest stars in baseball during the 1980’s, getting a chance to throw out the ceremonial first pitch before the start of a minor league baseball game in Buffalo.

Of all of the guys who had their careers sidetracked by either injuries, on-the-field issues, or off-the-field issues, I would have loved to have seen Darryl get in a full and healthy 20 year career.  The sky was his limit and I think he could have easily been a part of the very exclusive 400/400 club!!!

My Rickey Henderson ‘Fab 5′ – Card #1

Now that my Rickey Henderson player collection is complete I wanted to take the time to show off my favorite 5 cards from this set.

Card #1 – 1985 Fleer

Finally, the #1 card in my Rickey Henderson collection can be revealed!!!

This card from the 1985 Fleer set is perfect.  Starting with the picture, I am not sure that any other image could capture the essence of Rickey as a player the way that this one has.  From his lead off of first base to his crouching stance as he prepares to dig in and race towards second to his amazing concentration as he watches the interaction between the pitcher, catcher, and hitter as he makes his plan to swipe yet another base.  This photo does it all!!!

The ’85 design is rather plain, but it’s team themed borders bring it all together.  And while the grey outer-border is rather dull, it allows for the bold features of the card to pop beautifully!!!

1985 Fleer – My favorite Rickey Henderson baseball card. 

Fab 1