1978 Topps Dale Murphy & Lance Parrish Rookie Card

1978 Topps Dale Murphy & Lance Parrish Rookie Card

 I had been hunting down this card for some time so I quickly scooped it up when I saw the $1.99 ‘Buy It Now’ price tag while doing a little Ebay shopping.

As a kid, one of my teams of choice was the Atlanta Braves.  When I lived in Florida, the first time around, there was no major league team but we got WTBS at the house so I learned a ton about the game by watching the Braves telecasts.  And of course during that time, the team’s biggest star was Dale Murphy so it was only natural to be drawn to him.

I guess this counts as his second rookie card since he is featured on a 1977 quad-image card also claiming him as a rookie too.  Don’t worry that one is in my sights as well and I will be sure to post about it when added to my collection. 

This ’78 is in really nice condition and for the low price I was very happy to see how well this card has been cared for over the last 30+ years!!!

Murphy & Parrish

And Lance Parrish ain’t too shabby either…


2 responses to “1978 Topps Dale Murphy & Lance Parrish Rookie Card

  1. Nice deal… Murphy is a great guy from what I’ve read. I’m looking to buy one of his autograph’s… hopefully I get a deal:)

  2. You know what is the greatest thing about cards from the 70s and 80s? The mustaches. You would be hard pressed to find one of these quad cards without one.


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