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Attn Readers: Donate Your Cody Ross Cards Here!!!

 Yes, I have broken down and am now accepting donations.

You may recall that 1 of my main objectives from the baseball card show that I attended this past weekend was to scoop up as many Cody Ross cards as I was able to find.  And I did just that.  I grabbed each and every one that I saw and when all was said and done I ended up with ZERO cards.

Cody will be doing an appearance around the corner from my house in less than two weeks.  I will be there and hope he will sign a few cards for me and my sons. 

That’s where you come in.  I want as many cards of him as I can get – The more the merrier!!!  So if you have any Cody Ross cards sitting around that you don’t need please send them on over.  And for each of you that helps me out, you will be rewarded.  🙂


Cubs Marlins Baseball

Andre Dawson Game-Used Memorabilia Card #3

I recently scooped up 4 more Andre Dawson Game-Used memorabilia cards at a combined price of just over $9.00 with shipping included.  This is card #3 from that purchase.

In the words of the late Steve Irwin – ‘She’s a beauty, mate!!!’

This may just be my favorite game-used Andre Dawson card in the collection.  I love the old-school look of the card.  It has a very subtle aged look and Donruss pulled it off very well.  This card is number 128 of 250 and is from the 2004 Threads Century Collection. 

The large, Sky Blue swatch featured on the card screams road umiform of the Montreal Expos.   And I now scream ‘YES’ as I am thrilled to add this gem to my collection!!!

Dawson GU 3

Celebrity First Pitch – Lance Armstrong

Easily one of the most inspirational athletes of all-time, here we have cancer survivor and 7-time Tour De France champion Lance Armstrong throwing out the first pitch at Fenway Park.

You may not like cycling, you may change the channel during SportsCenter when they talk about the Tour De France, but you’ve got to love Lance Armstrong!!!

Happy Anniversary Tom Seaver!!!

On this day back in 1985 Tom Seaver recorded the 300th win of his career!!

Battling against the most popular team in the sport, Seaver’s White Sox team was at Yankee Stadium to take on ‘The Bronx Bombers’. 

The Sox won the ball game with a 4-1 win and Seaver won the 300th game of his career at the age of 40.  Here is a quick look at his numbers from this historic event:

Innings pitched


Hits allowed






K’s : Walks


Runs allowed



Not a bad effort for the 40-year old baseball history making machine huh?  For Seaver, it was an incredible effort and another amazing accomplishment during his brilliant baseball career.

Happy Anniversary to ‘Tom Terrific’!!!!


Happy Birthday Roger Clemens!!

 Roger Clemens turns 47 years old today.

And I have to imagine that if he wanted to, he could come back and still perform for any one of the playoff contenders out there right now!  Luckily there appears to be no interest in that happening…

I used to love watching ‘Rocket’ pitch.  To  this day I have never seen a more dominant pitcher in the game that was able to maintain that kind of success throughout the majority of their career.  As great as Dwight Gooden, Orel Hershiser, and Randy Johnson were/are, each of them saw a significant drop-off in their ability to out perform all opponents at some point in their careers.  But not Clemens, he was truly in a league of his own when it came to posting successful year after year.   12 years of 200+ strikeouts and 17+ wins certainly backs up that claim.

For Roger’s birthday I want to give him back Andy Pettitte’s friendship.  These guys were tight, so tight that they based decisions on retirement or returning to the game on if the other one was going to be around.  Friendships like that are rare, especially when most of today’s athletes are focused solely on themselves.  From what I have read these 2 guys barely speak at all anymore, and I would love for that to change.  Let’s just erase all of the ‘bad’ things that have negatively effected their relationship in the last 2 years and go fishing!!!

 Happy Birthday Mr. Clemens!!!