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Contest Time: Celebrating 1 Year of ’30-Year Old Cardboard’

That’s right.  It’s time for another contest at ’30-Year Old Cardboard’.  The 1-year anniversary of this blog is happening this weekend so I wanted to tie a little contest into this event.

Here we go:

On Saturday, August 8, there are 15 games on the major league schedule.  To win this contest you need to give me the total number of runs scored in all 15 games.  The closest person to the actual total without going over wins. 

To enter the contest simply leave your number in the comments section of this post.  Once a number is selected it cannot be chosen again so choose wisely.  To see the schedule for Saturday’s game, click here.

OK, now onto the prize.  The person with the closest number of runs without going over the actual total will win 10 packs of 1989 Topps baseball cards.  There are some great cards in this issue from Topps as well as some amazing rookie cards.


And just to make it a little more interesting if anyone hits the number of runs right on the head, you will also get these:

Contest 3 Cards

3 autographed baseball cards from 3 former major league All-star players – John Kruk, Bobby Bonilla, and Mike Mussina!!!

All entires must be received by 11:59 on Friday the 7th to be eligible to partticipate.

Good luck to everyone, and thank you all for reading ’30-Year Old Cardboard’!!!

Alfredo Sent Over Three ‘Wicked’ Andre Dawson Cards!!!

 As many of you have experienced first hand, Alfredo from the blog ‘My Past Time, I Love It’  is a very generous collector.  When shopping for new additions to his personal collection, if he finds something that reminds him of a fellow blogger he usually scoops it up without hesitation.

So when I got an envelope in the mail from Alfredo it was not an uncommon thing for me.  But when I saw what was inside I was thrilled as he sent over 4 incredible cards.  Of the 4, 3 of them were of Andre Dawson.

Here they are:

Dawson Wicked 1

2005 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts highlighting Dawson’s playing days for the Chicago Cubs from 1987-92.

Dawson Wicked 2

2005 Leaf Century Collection which compliments this card perfectly!!!

Dawson Wicked 3

2005 Donruss Diamond Kings Heritage Collection

Thanks again Alfredo – for your generosity and for always keeping us in your thoughts while looking for cards!!!  If you thought this was impressive, wait until I unveil card #4 tomorrow….  Stay tuned.

Celebrity First Pitch – Jim Rice

Of course Jim Rice is going to throw out the first pitch oh ‘Jim Rice Day’ at Fenway Park.  And while we’re at it and since everyone is in a festive mood, we might as well hang his #14 from the rafters  with the other legendary players that have suited up for the Boston Red Sox.

Congratulations Mr. Rice – You have had an amazing week!!!

Happy Birthday John Olerud!!!

John Olerud turns 41 years old today.  And to be quite honest, I am shocked to learn that he is that young.  You see, Olerud retired from baseball back in 2005 at the age of 36.  Personally I would love to be retired when I reach 36, but even in the world of professional baseball, 36 is considered to be a young age to leave the game.

John Olerud had a very solid 17-year major league career.  The highlight of his career would undoubtedly be his winning 2 World Series championships with the Toronto Blue Jays in 1992 and 1993.

Olerud was also able to achieve some individual awards as well.  He was a 2-time all-star and 3-time winner of the Gold Glove award. 

For his birthday I would like to give Olerud a few more career achievements.  Let’s start with 261 more hits to round out his career total to 2,500.  How about another 45 home runs as well so he could reach the 300 mark?  Come on, he deserves it.  And if he stuck around the game for a few more years it’s very possible that these baseball milestones would have been met anyway…

Happy Birthday Mr. Olerud!!!